Wendy Williams SPOTTED In Florida! And Details On When She’ll FINALLY Return

Radar Online reports,

Wendy Williams has resurfaced in Florida after her health and marriage crisis, and the first photos of the “ailing show” host have been revealed.

Wendy Williams, was seen for the first time, shopping at a CVS in Southern FL. with a friend Tuesday, January 29, since announcing she was taking time off her show to focus on her health.

She was inside the convenience store for approximately 15 mins and a witness told Radar she appeared to be shopping for toiletries and snacks. Y’all know Wendy loves her snacks.

The images come on the heels of news Nick Cannon will be stepping in to guest host until her return.

Sources report that Wendy Williams will be returning to the Purple Chair in about 3 weeks. But the Wendy Williams show executives refuse to release her return date because she has pushed back her return date twice before. Sources say “Staff are planning a big welcome back show where Wendy will address her health problems, but she isn’t going to say anything else. She will be working with PR people and producers and will stick to the press release script.” Wendy will reportedly use a teleprompter and read straight from the script that has been prepared for her. (We’ll see how that goes.)

Wendy is not going to address the rumors of her husband’s alleged infidelity and paternity issues. And she’s not going to address the rumors that her husband is the one that hit her and caused her to fracture her shoulder. But I, personally, do find it interesting that Wendy is in Florida with her best friend. And not home in New Jersey with her husband. You would think if she’s receiving serious medical care like she said she was, that she would want to be in her own home and be comfortable. But the fact that she’s in Florida with her best friend, almost looks like she’s run to her best for comfort and away from her husband. That’s just what it looks like to me.

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Y’all remember in that statement Wendy published to Instagram she specifically said that she would be spending “significant time in the hospital” as if her health issue is her primary problem. But the fact that she’s down in Florida, not near her primary physician in Jersey, makes me think her primary problem is her husband, not her health. And that’s who she’s trying to get away from.

But I’m sure whatever the case is, her glam squad is going to fix Wendy up nicely and make sure she doesn’t look like what she’s been going through. Wendy’s makeup artist Merrell is a beast when it comes to makeup so I’m sure he is going to transform Wendy back to the Wendy Williams that we love to see. Leave a comment and let me know what you think about Wendy Williams being spotted in Florida and not New Jersey! Do you think she’s trying to get away from her husband? And do you think Wendy will be back to her usual self when she returns? Leave a comment and let me know!

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