UPDATE Vince Responds to Tamar & Her Mother | Tamar Explains Why She’s NOT Coming Back

Before we get started , i just want to address those of you who are wondering why Tamar’s family is just now speaking out about Vince allegedly abusing Tamar. Especially since Tamar aired out each of their husbands years ago.
It seems to me like Tamar is done protecting Vince and is allowing her family to do what they need feel they need to do when it comes to Vince.
Kinda like Beyoncé in the elevator with Jay Z and Solange. Tamar is not stopping anything! And Like Towanda said, the gloves are coming off.
Tamar has responded to the latest statement from Vince. Who of course responded to the allegations of abuse made by Tamar’s mother, Miss Evelyn. In case you missed it, here’s what Miss E told TMZ….
Vince, of course, had to respond to Miss E since she basically said he was not only abusive – but capable of killing her child.
A source close to Vincent tells TMZ … he has no idea why Evelyn Braxton told them she’s fearful his impending divorce from Tamar could get deadly because he’s no abuser — he loves Tamar and would never hurt her.
Vince is upset over Evelyn’s comments because he feels this type of story could negatively affect their 4-year-old son when he’s older. And he says he doesn’t want beef with Evelyn … and that he’s going to pray for her.
That does sound like Vince…saying he’s going to pray for someone, like THEY are the one with the problem. It seems to me like Vince is just trying to save his reputation by trying to seem like the peace seeking one in the situation.
But sources close to Tamar say she is the one who really wants peace, and she’s completely done with this roller coaster of a relationship.
Sources close to Tamar tell TMZ there’s absolutely no chance she’ll go back to Vince now that she’s filed divorce papers. Their 9-year marriage had been tumultuous for too long and she’s hellbent on ending it for good this time.
She’s surrounding herself with family and friends to keep her focused on both her career and her personal life. And as I️ showed in another video, She’s already moved out of the family home.
Vince had been telling friends he’s willing to try counseling, but Tamar’s not receptive. As for their TV show, “Tamar & Vince”, she’s still doing the press tour but she’s doing it solo.
Now let’s talk about press. I mentioned before that Tamar & Vince’s divorce could just be a PR stunt, especially since Vince made it seem like they might reconcile. But now I’m seeing that on Tamar’s end, the divorce is real…. and I showed you guys the divorce paperwork in another video. So it is real, she just filed for divorce strategically at the time that would give them the most press for their show.
So, IMO, yes they are trying to get publicity for the new season of their show. But they are not faking a divorce or anything else. Their relationship problems are obviously very real. I showed you guys that in yesterday’s video… but I think they are purposely putting their divorce out there to at least get ratings for the show and make some money off it.
Y’all know Vince owes Sony almost 4 million. And Tamar is always up to collecting a check.

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