Towanda SPEAKS OUT On Why Toni Braxton Called David Adefeso A Weasel! (Court Receipts Included)

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On Monday evening living legend Toni Braxton exposed her sister Tamar Braxton’s ex-fiance David Adefeson on social media.

She posted a message to David saying,


You weasel…you ferret…you are beyond contempt. Once again, DO NOT include my children in your SHENANIGANS. Please leave my family ALONE!

Braxton Family Values fans were wondering what David did to upset Toni Braxton so badly. But David is still moving forward with his court case against Tamar Braxton so that may be the ‘shenanigan’ that Toni is referring to.

Check it the details and what Towanda Braxton had to say about the situation on her live:

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