Toni Braxton DENIES Rumors She Married Birdman in Secret Wedding Ceremony

The Jasmine Brand is exclusively reporting that Toni Braxton and Birdman (aka Bryan Williams) have secretly tied the knot.  A source close to the couple confirmed to TJB that the couple secretly eloped about two months ago.  The source says…

They don’t want anyone to know yet. They’re trying to keep it secret, just like their relationship. They tried for as long as they could to deny that they were actually together. 

And the source added…

They’re so in love with each other. I’m surprised that they even waited this long to do it. 

Tamar hinted that Toni and Birdman were married when she visited the Wendy Williams show a few weeks ago. Tamar told Wendy that when their mother was sick…

[Birdman] was there the whole time!. I think that’s my brother-in-law, I do. I think they eloped. I’m telling you, they is married.

Looks like she was right!

I had a feeling Birdman and Toni were married when he posted about removing the tattoos off his face.  It sounded like Toni had talked some sense into him.

Let me ask you guys, if you’ve said publicly (like Toni Braxton has) that if a man cheats on you and you’re not prepared to leave him, that you won’t ask him about the other woman – do you think that the man is more likely to cheat on you?

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