The #MeToo Movement Is About To Hit The Church | Atlanta Black Megachurch Pastor Accused Of Fathering Child & Abusing Women

For the last two years or so the #metoo movement has spread like wildfire in Hollywood.  Hundreds of women who previously silently suffered from sexual abuse, harassment and bullying from men of power in the entertainment industry have been empowered to come forward and tell the world what they’ve experienced.  Major players in the entertainment industry like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and many others have had to finally face the repercussions for their transgressions.

Now, it seems, the #metoo movement is about to rock the pews of the church.  A pastor of a large, predominantly Black mega-church in Atlanta is about to be exposed for cheating on his wife, fathering children outside of his marriage and paying off women and the media in exchange for their silence.

Joy 105 FM, a Digital Magazine, reports

A Black Atlanta megachurch pastor may soon have all of his alleged transgressions made public. The pastor of a large metropolitan, predominantly Black congregation reportedly has been accused of having a history of bullying women who he has allegedly been involved with.

Eerily similar to what has been reported by women in the #MeToo movement, these women are allegedly sharing that they have been threatened with lawsuits, damage to their professional careers and even text messages and emails suggesting bodily harm to them and their families. All of this allegedly to keep the women from speaking up and out about the pastor.

Supposedly, he allegedly has been making payments – to media and mistresses – to buy their silence about his being a serial cheater.  It has also been alleged that the pastor has been in the past and is presently involved in multiple extramarital affairs, many of them happening simultaneously.

This married preacher is further alleged to spend late nights and wee mornings reaching out to and engaging in DM conversations with a multitude of women via his personal social media. Most interesting is the report that he currently has an open paternity and legitimation case in a metro Atlanta court.


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So again, this man is currently a pastor of an Atlanta mega-church and he has an open paternity suit against him in a “metro-Atlanta court.”  So he shouldn’t be hard to find.  And, of course, I want to tell y’all who it is.

But I have searched the name of every Black pastor of every megachurch in Atlanta with a predominantly Black congregation and I have not been able to determine who it is.  I have determined it is most certainly NOT the pastor who recently resigned from House of Hope.

And I’m starting to think whoever this pastor is, he may not be using his legal name when he preaches.  And the case is probably under his real, legal name.

In any case, when it finally does come to light – and it will come to light – I believe it’s might just spark a #metoo movement in the church with hundreds of women coming forward and sharing their stories of sexual abuse and harassment.

What do you think? Who do you think the Atlanta megachurch pastor is? And do you think a #metoo movement is about to start in the Black church?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!





2 thoughts on “The #MeToo Movement Is About To Hit The Church | Atlanta Black Megachurch Pastor Accused Of Fathering Child & Abusing Women

  • June 15, 2018 at 7:49 pm

    What do I think? Hell mind our dam business for one and who cares people will be people

    • June 17, 2018 at 6:20 pm

      Some of the members of their churches have expressed that they care.


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