The First Close Up Pics Of Baby Kulture Have Been Revealed!

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As a new mom I’m sure a part of Cardi B wanted to share pictures of her brand new baby girl with the world.  But it seemed like Cardi was torn between keeping Kulture’s privacy and showing her off to the world.

First Cardi teased her fans with a picture of Kulture’s little lips on Instagram in August.  And now the paparazzi have actually captured pictures of Kulture’s cute little face!

Cardi B was spotted in a hotel balcony in Miami yesterday with baby Kulture snapping pictures.  During the photo session, Cardi B used her phone to take pictures while her assistant held baby Kulture in her arms.

As you can see Cardi is chilling in her robe and Baby Kulture is dressed up in a multi-colored tutu and she is looking so adorable!

From what it looks like in the sequence of pictures, Cardi B’s assistant is the first one to notice the paparazzi on the ground taking pictures of them.  Then Cardi B turns and looks at the paparazzi on the ground too. Then, it looks like they decided to go back into the hotel room as the paparazzi continued to take pictures of the assistant holding baby Kulture as she walked back into the room.

Cardi B  has not yet responded to the paparazzi capturing pictures of baby Kulture.

But do y’all think the paparazzi taking these pictures was an invasion of Cardi B privacy?  Or should Cardi B not even expect privacy when she’s outside on hotel balcony in Miami?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Personally, I think Cardi B still thinks like a regular person and not like a celebrity that is always aware of the paparazzi.  So I think she really did think that she could go out on her hotel balcony and still have privacy.

I think Cardi has yet to realize that she is ALWAYS being watched whenever she steps outside her doors.  So she shouldn’t be surprised that the paparazzi got pictures of her baby, because she is the one that took her baby outside in Miami.








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