Teyana Taylor Reveals She Wasn’t Paid For The Kanye West Video Either!


If you’ve been following this story with Azealia Banks and Teyana Taylor then you know Azealia called out Teyana for allegedly stealing choreography from her friend, Matt Pasterisa.  I did a video on that earlier today, so click the link in the top right of this video if you need to catch up.

Well now Teyana Taylor has finally responded to the allegations! She posted this on her Instagram:

Azealia Banks chose not to respond to Teyana and instead responded to a fan comment about the situation:

@bornready_matt decided to respond on his Instagram and he provided the clarity that Teyana asked him for:

So clearly Matt is saying that he felt “stolen from” because he didn’t get paid for his work.  Which I’m sure is a bad feeling.  And apparently Teyana knows how that feels as well because she responded to him and said she didn’t get paid for dancing in the Kanye West video either!

Here is her response:

So, it sounds like Kanye West didn’t pay anybody! Not Teyana and certainly not Matt! And, in my opinion, that’s terrible! Personally, I need more than credit or a “look” for my work – I need a check!

People always say stuff is going to pay off in the long run.  But I don’t think that should stop someone from getting a check right now!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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