Teairra Mari’s Boyfriend’s “Wife” Puts Them Both On Blast

I reported on this story once, and I tried to avoid reporting on it again being that I feel this is all fake! In my opinion, this whole Teairra Mari sex tape leak is just one big Mona Scott Young/Teairra Mari production, and I’m just not here for it.

But I decided to do an update on the story since Teairra Mari really wants us to take it serious.  She’s allegedly filed a lawsuit against 50 cent – who shared an image from the leaked sex tape – on his Instagram.  And she’s also suing her alleged ex-boyfriend for leaking the tape.

And this time I say alleged, because according to her ex-boyfriend’s WIFE, Teairra Mari and this woman’s “husband” Akbar are still together.

Y’all this is all one big mess.

50 Cent already said he wants nothing to do with it.  He posted on his Instagram:

If I were Akbar’s “wife” I wouldn’t want anything to do with this mess, just like 50.

But on her Instagram, which I have blurred out here since she’s actually using her business Instagram, she’s been putting Akbar and Teairra Mari on blast!!

She’s been with Akbar for at least 5 years, based on this throwback picture she posted from 2013.

The clip is a scene from a movie her and Akbar did together some years ago.  See, she and Akbar and both ACTORS, which is another reason I think this is all just a LHH storyline.

This is a chance for Teairra, Akbar, and his “wife” to all put their acting skills to use, IMO.

By the way, Akbar’s “wife” may also just be playing the role of his wife.  The Internet is talking and their saying that this woman may not be Akbar’s wife legally.  And she may just be calling herself that because she’s been with him for so long.

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But in any case, despite him being seen publicly with Teairra Mari, she is still claiming that he is her man.  And she posted these shots to her Instagram the other day:

These pictures are allegedly of Teairra Mari and Akbar, and they were captured by his “wife” in Dallas.  It almost looks like she was spying/stalking him to get these pictures.  But nonetheless, she claims that Akbar and Teairra Mari are still together and that she can’t possibly really be suing him!

She said on her Insta-story:


The only way I can see that working, is if this is all just for a storyline.

What do you think?

Do you think Teairra Mari has gone THIS low for a storyline? And what do you think of Akbar’s “wife” putting him on blast like this? Would you ever go as far as spying on your man if you thought he was cheating on you???

Leave a comment and let me know!

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