Tamera Mowry Housley “Claps Back” At Fan Calling Her The C-Word

Recently Tamera Mowry-Housley, the aunt of Alaina Housley, who was tragically murdered in the Thousand Oaks shooting, took time away from grieving to “clap back” at a commenter who actually had the nerve to spew hatred on her Instagram page, knowing that she was grieving the death of her niece.

The commenter has since deleted her Instagram page.  But she left a comment on Tamera’s page and even @ed her saying:

We’ll get to Tamera’s response in a second, which she posted on her page.  But first I want to show you guys this interview Tamera and her family did recently talking about how to move forward after the Thousand Oaks shooting.  In the interview they specifically said that they DIDN”T want to talk about gun control because that automatically turns some people off and they stop listening to anything you have to say after you mention the words “gun control.”

Here’s what she said, then we’ll get back to Tamera’s response to this girl.


OK, so you heard Tamera and her family explain why they don’t want to use the term “gun control” and make the Thousand Oaks shooting a political issue.  So that’s why this girl is saying that Tamera is “soft stepping and beating around the bush.” There’s no excuse for this girl calling Tamera the c-word.  But this interview explains why she said the rest of what she said.

So Tamera “clapped back” at her and said:

What do y’all think about Tamera’s message? Is she right not to want to mention gun control after her niece was gunned down?  Or is her goal of trying not to make it a political issue too unrealistic?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

I honestly don’t know what to think at this point.  Part of me feels like it obviously is a gun control issue.  We clearly have a gun control problem in this country.  But the other part me does get what Tamera is saying when she says the issue is bigger than gun control.  It’s about people lacking human decency and harboring hate in their hearts.

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But honestly, I don’t feel like people can control other people’s hearts.  You can’t make people have human decency.  The history of this country in particular has proved that.  So, to me, the logical and practical solution is to control what you can control – and that’s people’s access to guns.

That’s my opinion as a citizen of this country, and as person who has lost a family member due to gun violence.

And speaking of gun violence – Adam Housley recently addressed someone who was concerned about him initially blaming the murder of Trayvon Martin on Trayvon and NOT George Zimmerman – who is the person that actually killed him.  Someone asked in The Shade Room comments:

But what do y’all think?  What do you think about Tamera’s outlook on how to move forward after the Thousand Oaks shooting?  And what do you think of this girl/troll calling Tamera the c-word for having a point of view different from her own?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!



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