Tamar’s Mother Evelyn Braxton STILL Speaking Out Against Vince in ANOTHER Interview

Ya’ll may have heard that Tamar is not speaking to her mother, Evelyn Braxton, after Miss E spoke out about the alleged abuse between Tamar and Vince to TMZ.  Well, that is not stopping Miss E from continuing to speak out, in hopes of saving her daughter and others in similar situations.

In a phone interview with theGrio, Evelyn Braxton describes the relationship between Tamar & Vince as “violatile.”

“This has been going on for years” she said.

“Everybody saw Vince as a knight and shining armor, [but] behind closed doors that’s a horse of another color. I’m tired of [Tamar] being abused and misused.”

“They say the truth shall set you free. They’ve been trying to hide it for years. And I have the audacity to tell the truth,” she said.

Ms. Evelyn confirmed with theGrio that the reports of the hotel altercation in August of 2016 were definitely true.  I played you guys the audio from the 911 call from a hotel employee in a previous video, so you guys already know those allegations appear to be true according to that employee.

Miss Evelyn also revealed that Tamar’s older sisters tried to intervene in the marriage to no avail. She said “Her sisters have been trying to fight Vince for a long time but the abuse was always denied.

Ms. Braxton told the Grio, she is choosing to speak out now not only because she wants her daughter to be safe, but also wants to put an end to domestic violence at large.

She said “I think too many women are abused, and it’s high time that we stand up and stop this madness. Do you know how many women are killed each year? I just don’t want Tamar to be a part of that.

“If anything happens to Tamar, that’s Logan’s (Tamar and Vince’s son) loss. That’s my loss. That’s her family’s loss. I don’t want that kind of pain,” she adds. “Enough is enough. I don’t care how much they smile. I don’t care how much they pretend.”

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The Grio asked Miss E about the possibility of Tamar changing her mind about the divorce, and she said: “For the person who is abused sometimes they do change their mind. Their mind is so wrapped up in the fact that maybe it was my fault, or I can change them, or maybe I didn’t love him right or do the right thing; or maybe my family is too involved and it’s my family that’s separating us. They convince themselves of that because their minds are weak. If they were strong people they would get out of it the first time.”

She said “It’s too bad they couldn’t work it out, however, I’m tired of her being abused and misused. And I’m tired of being in the middle of it. It’s harder than what you think,”  “Sometimes you have to move forward, even when you don’t want to. Life is extremely short and things can happen within the twinkling of an eye. This too shall pass.”

BTW, Evelyn tells theGrio, that she and Tamar are doing just fine and are “talking” and “hugging.”


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