Tamar Spotted Out With New MYSTERY MAN!

Ooooh child!

Tamar Braxton was spotted out and about Friday with a brand new man!  The Shade Room was tipped off by the people at @gett2knowme radio show who spotted Tamar and this mystery man outside of a restaurant on Friday.

If you keep up with Tamar you know she has been feeling herself lately.  She has been posting “racy” pictures of herself in lingerie on Instagram.  So clearly somebody has her feeling herself!

Getting ready…for whatever😜

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Tamar posted this picture of her in her bra and panties on Instagram Friday with the caption:

Getting ready…for whatever😜

And it looks like she may have been getting ready for her restaurant date with this mystery man, since she was spotted the same day with him outside the restaurant.

It’s no telling what is going on in this moment, but her body language says a lot! She is smiling in his face and even though she’s not actually touching him, her body is about as close as you can get to someone without actually touching them.

Since The Shade Room posted this picture around 9pm Saturday, Tamar has been posting other pictures of her with random men to try to throw people off.  First she posted this picture of her and a model:

Come on daddy tell mommy how bad do you want it….

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And clearly this is from some type of video shoot.

Then she posted this picture of her and a man from another video shoot.

He want that sugar.

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On her Insta-story she said the video shoot is for her singe “My Man”

So I think she’s trying to make people think that the picture of her outside the restaurant with the mystery man is for her “My Man” video too. She posted these other pictures of her hugged up with random men to make it seem like the other picture of her with the mystery man is a part of a video shoot.

But I’m sure y’all can tell the difference!

There are no cameras or costumes in the picture with her and this mystery man outside the restaurant.  She is in her regular, degular clothes with a casual wig on her had and a baseball cap chilling.  It looks nothing like a video shoot.

It looks like a woman on a date with a man she is feeling!

That’s what I think! Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Do you think Tamar was on a date and just got caught? Or do you think she was filming a video?


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