Tamar Braxton Promises to Sing Her Throat “All the Way Off” But Lip Syncs BET Awards Performance

One of the performances I was really looking forward to last night was Tamar Braxton’s live performance of “My Man” which I really thought she would blow out the water.  Well, I was not disappointed.  At least at first.  Tamar started the song off smooth and without too many histrionics.  But by the end of the song her wig was flying all over her head.  And although I was impressed that her wig didn’t fall off, I was also a little confused that her voice didn’t falter either.  Not one bit.

So putting two and two together, I realized that one of my faves was actually lip syncing her performance.  That’s no big deal I guess, since we know she can sing.  Even Toni Braxton has admitted that Tamar is the best singer in the family.  But DANG.  I really wanted to hear her sing live.  Especially since she promised fans on social media that she was “singing her throat off.”


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