Kenya Moore Swears She Will Be A Housewife Or Nothing At All

In case you missed it, Kenya Moore decided to address the rumors that she’s been demoted from a Housewife to a friend of the show on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 11.  She posted this throwback video on Instagram of her behind the scenes interviews on the show and captioned it:

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#FAKERHOANEWS .No one has EVER asked me to be a friend to show… .fact: I am THE housewife that has had THE highest rated episodes the past 3 seasons… even last year having missed 3 episodes.🤔 .#Fact: the Barcelona New Lineup didn't work…The fans have spoken. I've never been called boring 💅🏾 .#Fact love me or hate me I may not be the "fan favorite" (my sister @kandi is and well deserved) but thank you for being invested in my life and continuing to contribute to the success of #RHOA and my success in my career on all levels .Don't worry #teamtwirl you will get to see #babytwirl and all that I'm experiencing as a new wife and mother-to-be one way or another .You will see my raw truth… the good the bad and the ugly one way or another ☺️ .Fact# I am good effing TV! ❤️ .Fact# I will be a HW or nothing at all. 😘 Fact# I don't discuss business but know that I know my value #queen #👸🏾 #kenyamoore #truth #shadequeen #shadeassassin #blameitonmyhormones #letaBishknow

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Now, after a scorching caption like that saying more than one time that fans are going to see her one way or another – meaning she has options – of course the first question a fan asked was “so does this mean you’re not returning?” to which Kenya replied “I didn’t say that chile.”

And she didn’t say that.  What I heard her say was that she knows her worth and she’s not settling for less than she’s worth.

Nene and a lot of the other ladies also chimed in and commented on Kenya’s post.  First Nene said “You’re making me laugh out loud, chile” which is SO good for Nene considering what’s she’s being going through with Greg lately.  And then Nene commented on @therealhousewivesofatlanta fan page “Something about this just makes me go, hmmmm… Just saying @thekenyamoore.”

It seems Kenya is always strategic so I definitely get where Nene is coming from.  And I do think this post was doing more than just setting the record straight about not being a friend to the show.  I think Kenya is really trying to let us know that she might be getting her own show if she’s not holding a peach on Season 11. The fact that she keeps saying that we will get to see her being a wife and mother one way or another, let’s me know that she likely has other show offers on the table that she might just take if Bravo doesn’t give her a peach and her coins.

But we’ll have to wait and see.

Kandi, Claudia, Carmon and Kenya’s best friend Brandon all left encouraging comments on Kenya’s post.  And it seems the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta does want her to come back. And Justin Diego from BingeworthyTV here on YouTube was also here for it!

A fan even pointed out that there are other stars on Bravo that are either married or are in relationships that don’t show their partner on TV. This person commented:

That is a good point! Asa from Shahs of Sunset, who is dating a Jackson, NEVER shows him on the show.  I think she might have shown the back of his head one time, but that’s it.

But those other shows are not Housewives shows.  The Real Housewives of Atlanta is allegedly about being a housewife, and now that Kenya is ready to show that side of her life on the show – she might not be able to!

Leave a comment and let me know if you think Kenya was trying to let us know that she might get her own show? And if she does get her own show, will you be watching?



Fake Friends & Fake Storyline From Tonight’s RHOA Episode S10 E10

On tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha’s sister Lauren accused Cynthia of not showing up for Porsha, even though Porsha had shown up for her.  Apparently Porsha had two events, one on Friday and the other, main event on Saturday.  And although Cynthia mentioned the main event on Saturday, once Kenya popped up, the show made it seem like Cynthia forgot all about Porsha and only participated in Kenya’s event.

But looking at social media at the same time as the show, I saw that Cynthia said she actually did go by Porsha’s main event on Saturday.

Cynthia posted a picture reminding everyone to watch the show tonight.

And in the comments someone was trying to check her for not going to Porsha’s main event once Kenya popped up in town.

So it looks like Bravo was trying to create yet another storyline tonight by making it seem like Cynthia is a puppet that Kenya operates by pulling on her strings.

However, I did notice that when Kenya was cussing out the producers and saying she could care less about ALL the girls at the table, she wasn’t making an exception for Cynthia!

She wasn’t saying F everybody except Cynthia! Or I don’t care about any of those ladies except Cynthia! Cynthia was included in Kenya’s rant.  And she really embarrassed her at the window of her car when she wouldn’t roll her window down for her.

So do ya’ll think Kenya is Cynthia’s real friend? Or is she just faking for the show?

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Carlos King Got Joseline Hernandez A New Job!

The Puerto Rican Princes, Joseline Hernandez, has reportedly landed a new job doing what she does best.  The former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star will be starring in her own reality series “Joseline Takes Miami” and I can’t wait!

joseline takes miami

The show will be produced by former Real Housewives of Atlanta producer Carlos King.

Carlos King is the producer that carried Porsha Williams off the stage after she dragged Kenya by her hair.

And he is also the one that actually injured Porsha after Cynthia kicked her in her lady parts.

And allegedly, he is also the producer behind the rumors of Kandi and Todd and the sex dungeon. He is allegedly the one that told Phaedra that Kandi & Todd wanted to drug Porsha and drag her back to their lair.  Phaedra didn’t just make up that rumor off the top of her head, from what I’ve heard.

The Tea:

Kandi’s husband Todd Tucker and Carlos King fell out after their business deal with Hollywood Divas went wrong.  So allegedly, Carlos had an axe to grind with Todd and used Phaedra (who in turn used Porsha) to do it.

So with that being said…Carlos King definitely has something to prove with this show! He was ALLEGEDLY  fired for his shenanigans on RHOA.  And I say ALLEGEDLY in capital letters because Carlos King did deny being fired and I kind of believe him.

Carlos King deny RHOA fired on Instagram

But regardless of whether he was fired, asked to resign, or just outright quit on his own, he definitely has something to prove as a producer.

He recently produced Gucci Mane and Keyshia K’aoir’s wedding special, The Mane Event.  But that series wasn’t talked about on social media as much as RHOA or even Hollywood Divas. Only the actual wedding episode had a buzz online.  Not that it was a dud.  It was a wedding special, so it wasn’t supposed to be salacious.

But with “Joseline Takes Miami” Carlos King has another chance to create TV magic.  He has a star that’s willing to do pretty much any and everything for the limelight.  Including violate her custody agreement.

And the setting of Miami is perfect for her shenanigans!


Let’s see what he does with this show.  If it lacks real drama and real storylines, like Season 10 of RHOA, then we’ll know he’s just a regular shmegular producer.  But if it’s as turned up and ratchet as the Kandi, Phaedra and Porsha drama he created on RHOA Season 9, then we’ll know he really is the man behind the madness that we love to watch on tv.

Kenya Moore Can’t Deny Pregnancy Rumors on Wendy Williams Show

Kenya Moore spilled TONS of tea on Wendy Williams including the fact that she can’t deny pregnancy rumors.

Kenya Moore was spotted at a world renowned IVF treatment center in Barbados a few weeks back. So I think it’s safe to assume that she is trying her best to get pregnant with her husband Marc Daly.

She’s also been very open about the fact that she definitely wants kids on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. And with her being around 46, she has no time to waste. So even though she just married her husband, Marc Daly, in July it sounds like she is already carrying his child if the fertility treatments worked.