Phaedra Parks Returning To TV & Apollo’s Fiance Spills Tea On What’s Really Going On With Her & Apollo

In case you missed it…

Over the weekend Miss Natalie Nunn (from Bad Girls Club infamy) posted that her, Traci Braxton, Comedienne Luenell and the Phaedra Parks would be working together on a new television show.  She posted a collage of pictures of the four of them together to her Insta-story with the caption “new show alert”.

In the past it was revealed that Phaedra was working on a television court show, which is right up her alley.  But the rumor is…this new show that she is doing with Natalie Nunn, Traci Braxton and Luenell is more like The View or The Real.  It’s allegedly a talk show.

No word yet if it’s formatted for daytime TV or night time TV.  But with this cast, I’m guessing night time television.  Y’all know Traci, Luenell and Natalie Nunn do not hold their tongues.  So this is likely a night time television pilot that they’re shooting.  And I hope it works out for them!

In the meantime, Apollo’s fiance Sherien Almufti recently did an interview with Radar Online where she opened up about the status of Apollo’s relationship with his kids.  She told Radar Online:

Apollo’s so in love with his sons and unfortunately his ex doesn’t bring them to see him. There isn’t a birthday, Father’s Day or holiday where Apollo doesn’t send them gifts and write them letters. He loves them.

I truly believe that Apollo does love those boys.  And so does Phaedra.  And she explained before that she doesn’t take the boys to see Apollo because it hurts them too much.  Phaedra Parks has said before that her boys cried for 3 days after seeing their dad behind bars.  So I can understand her not wanting to put them through that emotional trauma at such young ages.

Apollo’s fiance also told Radar Online:

Whatever he and Phaedra are going through, I hope that one day they can resolve it for the sake of their kids. We’re still engaged and I see him every week. When we get married, I will welcome and love his children as if they were my own and I can’t wait until he gets out so we can all be a family again.

I am so curious why she used the word “again”!! Why did she say ‘so we can all be a family again’?  It makes me wonder if Apollo had his kids around her before he went to jail! And does she think she’s going to just jump back into those boys lives?

Anyway, this is the tv show I really want to see.  Talk shows are great and all that.  But I would love to see Phaedra & Apollo back on TV along with Apollo’s fiance.  I would love to see how they navigate the real world one Apollo is out of prison and really has to decide if he’s going to marry his fiance and give her the dream marriage that she’s preparing for with him!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Would you rather see Phaedra Parks on a talk show or reality TV?


Vivica Fox CLAPS BACK At Phaedra Parks Over Phaedra’s Shady 50 Cent Comment

Sooooo, in case you missed it, earlier today Ms. Phaedra Parks threw a little shade at actress Vivica A. Fox over none other than Fifty cent.

Phaedra posted a series of Instagram posts showing her with the cast of Power.  She was at the Power premiere party and it looked like she took pictures with everybody there, as if she was going to be on the show or something.

Anyway, in the very last picture she posted she shaded Vivica Fox in her caption.

She said:

You don’t rock with #Power??????? @50cent. . . .get the strap ✊🏾 Tune in now for Season5 🎉. Sidenote: Before y’all start the chatter he ain’t Mr. Chocolate. Everybody knows his strap will have you sprung for 20 years and ain’t nobody got time for that!!! I have 2 kings and too many jobs but he smells amazing and is plum fine so keep him in your top 3 fantasy roster 🏆

Now clearly that caption was directed toward Vivica, since Vivica Fox and 50 Cent dated almost 20 years ago and Vivica still does interviews about him!

Baller Alert and a couple other blogs picked up the shade in Phaedra’s caption and re-posted it, which apparently made Phaedra nervous.  So Phaedra sent Vivica Fox a message explaining the shady caption and blaming Baller Alert for trying to make it more than what it was.  She said:

Hello pretty! I hope all is well FYI I took a pic with 50 at Power premiere posted it and heard Baller Alert is trying to make it into some BS toward you and you know I adore you and have nothing but love for you.

Well, babayyyy, Ms Vivica Fox was not falling for the old banana in the tail pipe trick!  She saw straight through Phaedra’s message and clapped back on her Instagram.

She posted the message Phaedra sent her and said:

Hhhmm..when u have to break out dem receipts on another TOXIC CHICK! I SEE YOU! GURL BYE! I ain’t new to this I’m true to THIS! #RealTalk#BossMoves #ClassicBadChick 😻

Then she came back and added #getajob.  This is Vivica’s original post, and this is her updated post – so clearly Vivica had some more words for Phaedra.

She also posted this video along with the caption.


So what do you think? Do you think Phaedra was trying to shade Vivica in her post? Or was it somehow misinterpreted? Leave a comment and let me know!


Before you go, I also want to address the “Mr. Chocolate” reference, since Phaedra brought him up again.  And it is so funny to me who the real Mr. Chocolate is.

Last year I did a video where I decoded the messages that Mr. Chocolate sent Phaedra and that Apollo put on blast on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  The messages were actually a “word from God” that none other than Pastor Jamal Bryant had for Phaedra.  Yes, Jamal Bryant was Mr. Chocolate! One of Phaedra’s former friends confirmed that it was Jamal Bryant last May.

Here is a what the messages that Apollo printed out said:

Mr Chocolate: God woke me up this morning to pray for you and He told me to tell you, He is going to shut the lion’s mouth for you and [He is going to do it because they said] it couldn’t be done, just walk upright.

Phaedra: Good morning prophet [sic]…

Mr. Chocolate: You better… got me up missing my beauty rest

So no, Fifty Cent definitely is NOT Mr. Chocolate because Jamal Bryant is Mr. Chocolate.  And he was “flirting” with Phaedra and giving her messages from God for her.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about Phaedra and Vivica going back and forth with each other.

Apollo Nida & Fiance To Appear On Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

For those of you who still like to keep up with the Phaedra, Apollo and Apollo’s new fiance drama – eventhough it’s not on Real Housewives of Atlanta anymore – I have an update for you!

Apollo Nida is still engaged to his fiance Sherien Almufti and they’re actually now planning for their wedding!  Sherien announced on Instagram that they will even be featured on Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta this season! She posted a picture of the article announcing the new season of the show and she captioned it:

And in the write up for the new season, TLC confirms that Apollo and Sherien will be featured on the show.  They said:

So the way they phrased it, it sounds like Apollo might actually appear on the show! I don’t know how that’s going to happen will him being in prison right now – but they specifically say that Apollo Nida is a celebrity guest this season.

And in case you’re wondering when Apollo gets out – he is set to be released from prison on August 29, 2020.

So Sherien has just two more years before Apollo is out of prison and back in her arms.

While he’s in prison he’s actually been sending gifts to Sherien’s daughter.  On Valentine’s Day she posted a pic of her daughter and the gifts that Apollo arranged to have sent to her on V-day. She said in the caption:

I know a lot of people might hate on him sending her daughter gifts from jail, but I have mixed feelings because even by sending her flowers and acknowledging her – he’s doing a lot more than some father’s do that are not even in prison.  But leave a comment and let me know how YOU feel about that.

I know some people may want to know what is Apollo is doing for his sons as well.  But I have not seen Phaedra even mention him on social media, which is not surprising, so at this point I can’t report on that.

But what I can report on is that Apollo and Sherien are still together and still headed down the aisle! And that you can catch a glimpse of their wedding planning on Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta this season.

Will you be watching? Leave a comment and let me know!

Sheree Claims Her Man’s Innocent *EXCLUSIVE* Court Documents | Phaedra Parks New Reality Court Show


In a new interview with Essence Live Sheree Whitfield gives an update in her prison bae’s case. I’ve received exclusive court documents (affidavits) in the case that are said to prove Tyrone’s innocence.

Now that she’s divorced from her jailed husband, Phaedra is planning a reality court tv show and is shopping it to networks.

YOU get a discount and a 30 day return policy, and I get support for my channel

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Phaedra Parks Real Estate DRAMA – What’s REALLY Going On With Her Homes | Real Housewives of Atlanta tea

Phaedra Parks has been going through some real estate drama recently and the Atlanta blogs have been catching it all.

First, she purchased a new home in December 2016 for almost 2 million dollars.  The selling price was $1.91 million to be exact.  And apparently that home was one of the major points of contention in her divorce from Apollo.  Apollo accused Phaedra of hiding assets in the first divorce that was granted, and that’s why he filed divorce papers against her for a second time.  He wanted to FORCE her to list all of her assets, including this new home.

And as you know, the second divorce was granted and the details of it were sealed.

In June, the blogs reported that Phaedra placed the home she shared with Apollo up for sale.  Pictures leaked from an open house that she held in July showing the babies bedrooms and everything.

And now the blogs have gotten ahold to a listing of Phaedra’s new home that is up for rent.  Allegedly, since she is no longer receiving a Bravo check, she’s not able to afford the upkeep on her new home, so she has decided to rent it out.

Hopefully, Phaedra is not currently living in this home with her children, because the address is all over the Internet.

Zillow listed the address of the house (which I have blurred out) and a rental price of $10,556 per month.  Now when Phaedra was selling her previous home she was smart enough to use a boutique real estate agency that did not post public listings.  But with this house, she did allow the listing to be posted publicly.

Then when the blogs got ahold of it, she snatched it down and claimed it was never for lease.  She wrote on Twitter,

Rumors my house is for lease is a lie.

If you’re so trifling & need a place to stay I may consider letting u use my guest house. Going bk to my vacay.

and on Instagram she wrote,

Now this is what I think….

You guys know Phaedra is a lawyer or lie – awyer, however you want to pronounce it.  And she tends to sometimes stretch the truth.  Not necessarily LIE, but just  s t r e t c h the truth until it’s almost unrecognizable.

When I look at what she tweeted, I see that she specifically said that her house is not for LEASE.  There is a slight difference between RENT and LEASE that we should all be aware of, especially when dealing with Phaedra Parks.

Renting is short term, like month to month rental agreements.  Whereas, leasing is for long term agreements – like 6 months to a year.

She may have specifically said that her house is not for LEASE, because it’s not available for a long term lease – as in 6 months to a year. But that doesn’t mean it’s not available for short term renting.  Say for some millionaire who wants to rent it for a month or two.

I also think this may be the case because in her next tweet she actually says,

If you’re so trifling & need a place to stay I may consider letting u use my guest house.

which confirms my theory that she is using the house as a guest house – which is available to rent for short periods of time, but not available for long term leasing.

Y’all know Phaedra is a tricky one! And she’s also very smart, but at times she’s not as smart as she thinks she is.


Phaedra Parks WILL film for Season 10 of Real Housewives of Atlanta

Phaedra Parks is rumored to be filming for Season 10 of the The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  I know the blogs have reported that she has been fired from the cast and will not be apart of the Season 10 cast.  But although she’s not apart of the cast, she will still film for a small part of the season.

Allegedly, Porsha has agreed to film a farewell scene with Phaedra in which Phaedra will apologize for using her to spread that horrible drug/dungeon rumor about Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker.

This is a surprise coming from Porsha who was very hurt to have been used by Phaedra like that.  And who has previously shared that she had not spoken to Phaedra since the reunion.

Good luck, Phaedra.  I’m sure she’ll land on her feet.

In other news you absolutely cannot use, Star Jones said Tamar needs a job!! I knew the new scripted show Daytime Divas was referencing Tamar when they had Tamera mention that hosts that don’t “play by the rules” get the axe.

Star Jones and Vanessa Williams sat down with Essence Live recently to play a game where they chose their “dream team” of talk show hosts.  And when it was Vanessa’s turn to choose, Star mentioned that she should choose Tamar since Tamar needed a job!

Obviously, Tamar has at least 3 jobs so we know it was just a light-hearted joke and not real shade.


RHOA tea: Tiny Joining the Cast, Apollo Wants to Tear Up the Prenup, Kim Ready to Use Another Castmate

Tiny Rumored to be Joining the RHOA Cast

rhoa tameka tiny cottle harris join cast

Now that “The Family Hustle” has officially ended, fans are eager to see Tameka “Tiny” Harris on-screen again.  Radar Online’s source  revealed that RHOA producers are considering adding Tiny to the Atlanta Housewives cast.

Personally, I think Tiny can hold down her own show on Vh1 and wouldn’t be that interested in the catfights that go on Real Housewives.

rhoa tameka tiny cottle join season 10 cast

Frick and Frack is Back, With a New Frack


rhoa frick frack porsha phaedra

Apparently Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 has already started shooting.  And Porsha has found a new Frack to her Frick.  Now that Phaedra is no longer a part of the official cast, Porsha definitely needed someone to film with since she has had verbal and physical altercations with almost all of the cast.  She dragged Kenya (Season 7)

rhoa porsha kenya fight

fought Cynthia (Season 8)


and almost ruined Kandi’s life on Season 9.

rhoa porsha kandi drug dungeon

The only person left for her to film with was Sheree, who I think could take or leave Porsha, personally.

rhoa kim zolciak porsha willliams

Enter Kim Zolciak-Bierman.  A source revealed to Radar Online:

“They are filming together,” a source said, adding that producers are eager to create a new “Frick and Frack,” Williams and Parks’ team nickname.

Good luck with that Porsha! Kim is known to use people and then throw them away.

Apollo Nida wants to throw out his prenup with Phaedra

apollo nida throw out prenup with phaedra parks

Despite Phaedra showing up to the Season 9 Reunion with a copy of her divorce decree, we know that her divorce was actually thrown out and she is still legally married to Mr. Apollo Nida.  She tried to pull a fast one and tell Apollo that the divorce was on “hold” while she thought about some things.  But she actually moved forward with the divorce and misspelled his name so that he would not actually be notified of the divorce.  She is a sneaky one! So the judge had reason to throw out the divorce, per Apollo’s request.  And now they’re back at square one.

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida were married in 2009, several months before Phaedra was cast on Real Housewives of Atlanta.  In his new divorce petition Apollo says those RHOA checks drastically changed their financial position and that should be taken into account when divvying up their assets.  I’m sure he wants way more than the $100,000 that Phaedra said she paid him at the reunion.

Do you think Apollo deserves more money?

Jamal Bryant Suspected of Being Phaedra Parks’ “Mr. Chocolate”

What a night for the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta! The truth finally came out about exactly who Porsha got the drug and rape allegations against Kandi and Todd from.  And Porsha addressed (again) the rumors that she was cheating on Apollo before he went to prison.

Now I consider Phaedra a shady lady so I was surprised by none of this.  But what I was surprised about was Phaedra’s confession that she was talking regularly to some man who was “encouraging her”.  Now ladies, you know men can encourage us in a lot of ways, but I just thought it was weird that she would use that word “encourage”.  It reminded me of something I hear older church women say when they are getting to know a man of the cloth.

So I actually wasn’t that surprised to hear that man of the cloth that Phaedra was being “encouraged” by was actually Pastor Jamal Bryant.


Here’s where Real Housewives of Atlanta and Real Housewives of Potomac cross paths, as all bourgeois Black people normally do.  Pastor Jamal Bryant was married to Gizelle Bryant, star of Real Housewives of Potomac, from 2002 – 2008.

The two divorced after several allegations of infidelity on the part of Jamal Bryant.  Gizelle has said previously,

I decided I was not going to continue to stay in a relationship in which there was not a major commitment. I’m an old-fashioned girl and if you’re going to commit, commit.

I feel her on that.

Blogger Fameolous, who is infamous on the Internet for her true tea posted the following message from one of her readers:

Sounds like Phaedra hurt yet another person’s feelings, and that person decided to expose her.

But what makes me curious is the fact that Kandi mentioned at the reunion (and during the season) that Phaedra planned to marry the man that she was talking to aka Jamal Bryant.  Did Phaedra really think Jamal Bryant was going to marry her???

He has publicly shared that he is in a relationship with R&B singer Tweet.  So why would she think that?  And is Jamal Bryant “Mr. Chocolate”?

Let’s take it back to the season when Apollo went to prison and he shared text messages he allegedly found in Phaedra’s phone with Peter.  He said they were a conversation with someone saved as “Mr. Chocolate” and that they were flirting with each other.  But in the promo pic from Bravo you can actually read some of the text messages.  Here is what they appear to say:

Mr Chocolate: God woke me up this morning to pray for you and He told me to tell you, He is going to shut the lion’s mouth for you and [He is going to do it because they said] it couldn’t be done, just walk upright.

Phaedra: Good morning prophet [sic]…

Mr. Chocolate: You better got me up missing my beauty rest

Now it definitely does sound like Phaedra is talking to a person of faith.  So I wouldn’t be surprised if she is actually texting Jamal Bryant.

But could it be a woman like she insists??? Whenever the texts are brought up Phaedra insists they are from a female friend she calls “White Chocolate”.  And I think that could be true if her response is “Good morning prophetess”, but I can’t really make it out, ugh!

In any case, this has all become a bunch of mess and with the lies that have been told, it may not be possible to ever find out the truth.

Walk upright and I’ll talk to ya’ll later.

Sending a Fake Cease & Desist Allegedly Gets Phaedra Fired From Real Housewives of Atlanta

Allegedly Phaedra was not only behind the rumors that Kandi planned to drug Porsha and take her to her dungeon, but she also was behind a fake cease & desist notice that Porsha received.
It’s being alleged that Porsha did not want to speak on the situation with Kandi & Todd and the rumors about Shamea because she had received a cease & desist notice from Kandi. But when she mentioned the C & D in front of Kandi, Kandi didn’t know what she was talking about. Allegedly Phaedra had the letter sent to Porsha to keep her from talking anymore about ALL the rumors that PHAEDRA had planted in her head.