Tamar Blames WETV For MAKING Her Late To Iyanla Vanzant Meeting On Purpose

If you watched part 1 of the Braxton Family Values Season Finale last night, then you saw that Tamar Braxton seemed to rub Iyanla Vanzant the wrong way when she showed up several hours LATE for taping.  All the ladies and Mr. Braxton had agreed to meet that morning for breakfast, which turned into brunch, and then lunch when both Tamar and Toni showed up late.

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Tamar Braxton Confirms: Iyanla Fix My Life Was A ūüí© Show

Just a few days ago I reported that the Braxton family, Toni, Traci, Trina, Towanda, Tamar and Miss Evelyn would be on Iyanla Fix My Life, and the Braxton Family Values cameras would be rolling.  Tamar seemed to confirm the news on social media when she teased that she had a surprise for her fans and hinted that she was filming something.

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The Braxton Sisters To Appear On Iyanla Vanzant’s “Fix My Life”

It’s being reported exclusively by thejasminebrand.com that the Braxton Sisters Toni, Towanda, Traci, Trina & Tamar will be filming an episode of Iyanla “Fix My Life” with Iyanla Vanzant.¬† The jury is still out on whether Iyanla really fixes anybody’s life on that show.¬† But nonetheless, the Braxton Sisters will allegedly be taping with Iyanla in an attempt to fix their family issues.

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Tamar Braxton Just Lost $1 Million Dollars, But Sis Is Still Winning

After years of liens being filed against the property by their homeowner’s association and a disgruntled nanny, Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert have sold their Calabasas, Calif., mansion for $9.25 million.

The sale price of $9.25 million is a little more than half of the almost $16 million asking price the property was priced at when it went up for sale in April of this year. ¬†And it’s also $1.25 million less than the $10.5 million she and her now estranged husband¬†Vincent Herbert¬†paid for the property in April of 2013.

So Tamar & Vince just lost over $1.25 million dollars, not including the money they invested renovating the home!

BUT, even though she may have loss money in the sale of their mansion, Sis was able to pay off her nanny who had a judgement against her for almost a quarter of a million dollars in unpaid wages.

Tamar Braxton‚Äės former nanny, who won a $213K judgment against the reality star last year, has finally been paid in full now that the house has been sold.¬† Sources close to the situation confirm that the nanny did indeed receive her check this week, which paid the entire $213k judgement in full.

And on top of paying off that lien, Tamar is making progress in her divorce from Vince.  Los Angeles Superior Court documents show that there has been movement in her divorce case with Vince.

On March 20 Tamar & Vince had what’s called a Case Review Conference for their divorce.¬†A Case Review Conference is an initial hearing where the judge, the attorneys, and the parties in the divorce meet to discuss the issues involved in the case. The whole purpose is to get the case moving forward.

So Tamar is definitely moving forward with her divorce and in her life. As I reported previously she is booed up! Last month Tamar was spotted out in public with a mystery man that she was definitely feeling! Click the link in the top right to catch up on that video if you missed it.

Tamar confirmed that her mystery man is wearing her out when she posted:

And Tamar confirmed again today in her Instagram comments that she is no longer with Vince. When someone asked:

Tamar responded “tell ya friend naw”.

Even though Tamar & Vince just lost over $1 million dollars with the sale of their mansion, Tamar is still winning when you look at the bigger picture.¬† She’s free of the liens associated with that house and selling the house helped her separate herself even more financially from Vince.

What do you think about Tamar & Vince selling their house at over a million dollar loss? And what do you think about her moving on with her love life?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


Traci Reveals Why She’s NOT Siding With Her Sisters For Braxton Family Values Strike

Traci THE Braxton is the ONLY sister, and I mean ONLY sister that is still promoting Braxton Family Values.¬† The show had it’s 6th Season B premiere last night and not one of the sisters bothered to promote the show on social media. Except for Traci!


When it was first reported that the Braxton family was protesting and Traci was the only one that showed up to film, I actually thought that she only showed up as a courtesy to let WeTV know that they are indeed protesting.¬† Traci just seems like a very up-front person and the type of person that would actually tell you to you face that she’s protesting you – so that’s why I thought she showed up.

But she confirmed on BossipTV last night, where she was promoting the show, that she is actually NOT apart of the protest.

Traci claiming that she needs that WeTV check to pay her utility bills contradicts the whole reason the Braxton family said they are protesting. It’s been reported that the major bones of contention are that the wardrobe and travel stipends are so low it’s laughable and that the cast also wants their salaries increased to an “appropriate” level.

So it Traci really need that WeTV check to pay her bills then I would think that she would be with the protest to get more money.


I personally Traci might be more concerned with herself, and not siding with the sisters because the sisters didn’t side with her when she got kicked out the group! Y’all remember Traci had a baby while The Braxtons singing group was trying to take off and they kicked her out the group even though Trina already had a baby.¬† Wounds like that run deep.¬† And I, personally, think that’s why Traci is deciding to stand on her own and not with the family.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about Traci not participating in the Braxton Family Values strike.¬† Do you think the Braxton sisters will get the money they’re demanding? And do you think Traci is hurting them by not sticking with them?

Leave a comment and let me know!


UPDATE!Tamar Braxton FIRES Her Band After They SKIP Her Performance In Philly! [live video]

This afternoon Tamar posted these texts showing that her band did not quit on her.  Her band leader appeared to have missed his flight.



Even though Braxton Family Values is on a hiatus, y’all know I still report on everything that is going on with Tamar, her man, and her career.¬† Well yesterday she posted that she had to fire her entire band!!

First she posted this video to her Insta-story where she says she’s fighting off some type of illness AND that she just found out that her band won’t be making it to her show in Philly.¬† Her band completely left her hanging for a show ! And she had to figure out what to do on stage without them.

It’s a little bit hard to hear what she’s saying in the video, but listen closely!


Apparently Tamar figured out how to still put on a show without her band.  And after her performance Tamar posted this:

And she came back and added to her caption and asked people to tag the best band, because apparently she is really serious about firing her band since they left her hanging!

A friend of her band posted in the comments that he was going to spill all the tea about what happened in the morning. He said:

That was 11 hours ago, so the morning has come and gone!  So Tamar responded:

So it sounds like there was a whole lot of confusion with Tamar’s band and where they were supposed to be.¬† But in any case, it sounds like they don’t even have to worry about it anymore because Tamar has FIRED them!

Hopefully she can find a new band soon since her tour just got picked up!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about Tamar’s band not showing up for her! Do you think that’s grounds for firing them?¬† And why do you think they purposefully stood together and decided not to show up for her?

Let me know what you think!

The Braxton Family REFUSES To Film Braxton Family Values Until Their Demands Are Met

TMZ reports that “Braxton Family Values” is on an indefinite break after the Braxton sisters and their mother made a Braxton family decision — no taping until they’re paid what they’re worth.

Sources connected to the show say that the entire cast —¬†Tamar,¬†Toni,¬†Towanda,¬†Traci,¬†Trina¬†and mom¬†Evelyn¬†— was scheduled to shoot in Atlanta last week, but only Traci showed up … so WE tv sent the film crew home and pulled the plug on taping.

-Now why Traci showed up, when the rest of the family agreed that they were on strike is strange to me.¬† But I’m just going to guess that she wanted to politely notify the film crew that the family would not actually be filming.¬† Traci seems like the type to want to tell someone when they’re being boycotted. So I’m guessing that’s why she showed up.

Sources say the Braxton sisters are refusing to return to work until WETV and Magical Elves, the production company that produces the show, renegotiate their contracts for the second half of season 6.

The major issues they have, apparently, are that their wardrobe and travel stipends are so low it’s laughable.

Now, I didn’t even know that the production company or WETV paid for the wardrobe of reality stars, so that’s news to me.¬† But I did know that they pay for their travel and they definitely need to pay them what it costs to travel and more, especially since The Braxtons do a LOT of press at the airport.

Remember, the sisters told it all about Vince & Tamar at the airport. And Miss E put Vince out there at the airport too.¬† That’s definitely press, bad press, but press nonetheless – so they definitely need a travel stipend that reflects not only the cost of the flight – but the press that they do when they’re traveling too.

In addition, they also want their salaries increased to an “appropriate” level.

-Now, what is considered appropriate probably differs from sister to sister.¬† I don’t imagine that Toni & Tamar, who are arguably the stars of the show, are paid the same as Traci, Towanda and Trina.¬† But in any case, they ALL want an increase in their salaries.

It is currently Season 6 for Braxton Family Values and the Braxtons are under contract through season 9.  So WETV definitely needs to get these ladies their coin, as Tamar would say, since they have three more seasons to go.

And speaking of Tamar, Tamar & Vince have once again listed their Calabassas mansion for sale.  Most recently I reported that they were actually trying to rent it out for $85K/month.  But now they have put it back on the market. The sale price is currently $14 million, after already cutting the price by one million after just one week on the market.

They purchased the home for $10.5 million in 2013 and it currently has almost a quarter of a million dollars in liens, according to The Blast.

So hopefully Tamar and the rest of the Braxton sisters can get their money from WETV and start filming again.  Yes, the show is getting old, but I still enjoy seeing the sisters dynamics on television. And if the Kardashian sisters can have 14 seasons on television, then the Braxton sisters can too.

What do you think? Are you sad to hear that the Braxtons are on strike from filming? Or do you not watch the show anymore? Leave a comment and let me know!



Toni Braxton Kicks One Of Her Sisters Off Her Tour

Toni Braxton announced on The Steve Harvey Morning Show¬† in March that her and her sisters are going on tour. Before we get to who was kicked off the tour, let’s just clarify exactly which sisters were supposed to be on the tour because some media outlets were reporting that Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina & Tamar would be performing on the tour.

But in Toni’s interview, she said herself,¬†Tamar and Traci Braxton would be on the tour.¬† Here’s Toni’s announcement of the tour on Steve Harvey’s radio show:

Trina, Traci and Towanda cleared up rumors that Trina and Towanda were also supposed to perform on Essence Live just last week!

But now, it’s being reported that Toni kicked one of her sisters off the tour!!

TMZ reports,

Toni Braxton¬†is caught in the middle of a new Braxton family feud, and it’s forced her to kick one of her sisters off her upcoming tour.

Toni’s hitting the road with “Sex & Cigarettes,” her first solo album in 8 years, and sisters¬†Tamar¬†and¬†Traci¬†were set to be opening acts until Traci was pulled from the tour this week. Toni’s offered no official reason for the change, but sources connected to the fam believe Tamar’s behind the axing.

Tamar’s beefing with her sisters and mother over the way they’ve been treating her estranged husband,¬†Vincent Herbert, on their reality show. And she thinks the show’s been¬†edited to vilify him.

But Traci’s been working on a new album and intended to perform some of those songs on the tour … so, Traci doesn’t think Toni would 86 her on her own. Still, Tamar’s team is denying she had anything to do with it.

But for now … Tamar’s in, Traci’s out and Toni’s radio silent.

Do y’all think Tamar is behind Traci being dropped from the tour?

Personally, I don’t think so! I don’t think Toni allows Tamar to run her like that.¬† We’ve seen that on the show!

Leave a comment and let me know why you think Traci was dropped from the tour.¬† I’m wondering if it was Traci’s own decision…


Tamar Braxton “Forgets” Her FIRST Husband, When Apologizing To Her Sisters For Divorce Comments

On Thursday night’s season premiere of Braxton Family Values, Tamar Braxton apologized to his sisters for being insensitive to them when they were going through their divorces.¬† If you recall, she shouted when Trina announced when she was getting a divorce.¬† And she also celebrated Towanda getting divorced.¬† And she was insensitive to Toni as well when she told her that her husband wanted to live off her.

They flashed back to that scene at the table where Tamar read each of her sisters husbands one by one.  And surprisingly, Tamar apologized for being insensitive.  But personally, I felt the way she apologized was a little misleading.

Tamar said she didn’t know how it felt (as in divorce) until she had to go through it herself.¬† Which was odd of her to say considering she has been divorced before.¬† Vincent Herbert is Tamar’s SECOND husband, not her first.¬† Tamar was married in 2001 to Darrell “Deelite” Allamby, and divorced him in 2003.¬† Deelite was a music producer that she met while working on her first album, which was called Tamar.¬† He produced two of the tracks on that album, and was also married to Tamar for 2 years, until they divorced in 2003.

So when Tamar apologized to her sisters and said she didn’t know how it felt until she went through it herself, it’s no wonder they all looked shocked, especially Trina.¬† Look at Trina’s face while Tamar is apologizing.

And even though Traci Braxton has never been divorced, she was the main one pressing Tamar about her comments about each of the sisters husbands.

Then Tamar stresses AGAIN that she made those rude comments to her sisters about their husbands because she had never been through it.¬† And you can tell by the look on Trina’s face that she is still confused.

I think it’s very strange that Tamar would say that she was so insensitive about her sisters divorces because she had never been there herself, when in fact she had!¬† Tamar got divorced in 2003, which was way before Toni’s divorce, definitely before Towanda’s divorce, and possibly before Trina’s first divorce too.

But I don’t want to say she was lying in her apology, because I think Tamar is better than that.¬† I’m going to assume she meant she had never gone through a divorce WITH kids, or maybe a divorce IN PUBLIC.¬† But still, it seemed that Trina and possibly Toni and Traci too, thought it was odd that she would say that she was insensitive about their divorces because she had never been through it herself, when in fact, she had.



GirlChat: Towanda Braxton Denies Belittling Tamar’s Miscarriage & Confirming Vince Bit Tamar #bfv

I had to come on camera for a little girl chat about this situation. Towanda Braxton tweeted that Tamar didn’t actually suffer a ‘miscarriage’ when her IVF “didn’t stick”. She tweeted that a miscarriage is different from a failed IVF. But isn’t a loss, a loss???

The Braxton Family Values was actually supposed to be a positive show, that’s why ‘values’ is in the title (according to Miss E) but watching this sisters argue on and off camera is really sad to me. Last night it was Trina, Tamar and Traci going at it. And now in real life Towanda and Tamar seem to have some issues. All I can do is SMH.