TI’s Side Chick Denies Shading Tiny’s Body On Her Bday | Shade Or No Shade?

TI’s alleged side chick, Asia’s Epperson, has responded to claims that she shaded Tiny over Tiny’s surgical enhanced body on Tiny’s birthday weekend.

In case you missed it, even after the huge fallout when TI was caught on candid camera hugged up with Greenleaf actress Asia’h Epperson and smacking her butt, TI allegedly didn’t stop seeing her.

In this promo picture posted by Rare Nightlife just one week ago you can see TI in the front while Asia’h Epperson appears to be in the top right corner.  So it looks like TI is still in contact with A’siah and is probably still seeing her.

I reported just a few days ago that TI bought Tiny a brand new car for her birthday, after missing her actual birthday party in Atlanta.  And in that video some of you guys were going in on Tiny’s body in the video.  I’m not going to put your names on here, but some of y’all had a lot to say about Tiny’s body – which has been surgically enhanced.

Tiny admits to having had plastic surgery in the past and it’s not something that she’s shy about speaking on.  So, on Tiny’s birthday, when TI’s alleged side chick Asia’h Epperson, posted these pictures of herself bragging about how her body is all natural, people thought she was trying to shade Tiny!

First she posted this picture with the caption:

Many can see the image but few can get the picture. 🌊

Then she posted this picture with the caption:

This that type of all natural money can’t buy 🦄

And some people took the caption as shade toward Tiny.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t consider her bragging about her body being all natural as shade.  But being that she posted these pictures on Tiny’s birthday weekend, and Tiny is known for her plastic surgery, I can see why SOME people consider it shade.

Asia’h responded to the comments accusing her of shading Tiny.  One person said:

But what do you think? Do you think Asia’h was trying to shade Tiny because her body is all natural and Tiny’s isn’t?  Or do you think it’s just a coincidence that Asia’h posted bragging about her natural body on Tiny’s birthday weekend?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


Woman In TI Leaked Video Revealed To Be Asia’h Epperson, Same Woman From Houston’s “Security” Incident

The woman who TI appeared to smack on the butt and cuddle up with in the video that leaked earlier today has been revealed.  Her name is Asia’h Epperson.  And not only is she a working actress, but she’s also one of the victims in the Houston’s “security brutality” case.

Y’all remember when TI was up in arms about the security at a restaurant called Houston’s that had injured three women a few weeks ago?

Well, one of those women was actress A’siah Epperson. She is pictured here in her booking photo with the other two victims.

And now it seems clear that one of the reasons TI was so outraged about the incident at Houston’s was because it involved one of his “special friends”.

And that’s probably one of the reasons Tiny publicly said that she wasn’t that upset about the situation. If you recall, when TI was doing all that protesting, Tiny had said that she didn’t agree with all that TI was doing.

TI can be seen greeting Asia’h in this video that was captured by a fan backstage at a concert last night in Indiana.  And he clearly smacks her on the butt and then she cozies right up to him as they both look around the room – probably to see if they were being watched!

Asia’h responded to the video being leaked on her Instagram.  She posted:

Asia’h is a working actress.  She recently played the character “Tasha” on Greenleaf and she shared some of that on her Instagram:

But, IMO, being booked and busy working doesn’t mean you don’t have time to be a mistress. She had time to cuddle up to TI, and she had time to let him slap her on her butt.  So being busy and having a job has nothing to do with having morals!

And to me, it doesn’t matter if she actually slept with TI or if she was just cuddled up with him like this in the moment – it’s wayyyy too much to be doing with a married man.

That’s just my opinion, what do you think? Do you think everyone is just putting 10 on 2 as she said? Or do you think her and TI were the ones doing too much?

Leave a comment and let me know!