Stephanie Mills DRAGS Sam Smith For Shading Michael Jackson Despite Copying His Sound

Stephanie Mills had time today to draaaaaag Brittish pop star Sam Smith for shading Michael Jackson.

It all started with Adam Lambert, former American idol contestant and now a pop singer and actor, posted a video to Instagram of Sam Smith saying that he liked a Michael Jackson song that was playing, but he didn’t actually like Michael Jackson.

Black Twitter went innnnn on Sam Smith saying he doesn’t like Michael Jackson.  Not because it’s some type of crime to not like Michael Jackson, because of course everyone is allowed to like who they like.  But because Sam Smith has made a career out of “being inspired by” Black artists like Michael Jackson.

Sam Smith did the theme song for one of the James Bond movies called “Writings On The Wall” which sound eerily similar to Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” and actually won an Oscar for it!  So that’s why Black Twitter was up in arms when Sam Smith said he doesn’t like Michael Jackson.

This person tweeted:

And this person said:

And Stephanie Mills draaaaaged Sam Smith for shading Michael Jackson on her social media.

She posted this picture of an article discussing Sam Smith saying that he did’t like Michael Jackson with the caption:

In case you didn’t know, Stephanie Mills is very passionate about the work of Black R & B artists being stolen and used to create the careers of Caucasion artists.  She spoke about this in a Sister Circle interview not long ago.

Just two hours ago Stephanie Mills continued dragging Sam Smith for allegedly calling a Black woman a Black ‘C U Next Tuesday”.

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She posted on Instagram:

Sam Smith surprisingly did win the 2015 BET Best New Artist Award, although he didn’t bother to show up to accept it.

Anthony Anderson accepted the award on his behalf and joked

So the Black community has definitely shown Sam Smith love, despite the fact that a lot of his artistry seems to come from copying Black artists.  Leave a comment and let me know if you think Stephanie Mills was right in what she said about Sam Smith or is this all some kind of big misunderstanding?

2 thoughts on “Stephanie Mills DRAGS Sam Smith For Shading Michael Jackson Despite Copying His Sound

  • August 15, 2018 at 6:58 am

    Ok I definitely see him in a new light with brand new eyes! I will be turning away from his shiznip for now on! Hhm


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