Sister Circle Executives Brace For Poor Ratings | Marlo Hampton Talks Not Holding A Peach

I don’t get to talk about Sister Circle as much as I would like, but I am actually a really big fan of the show.  I watch it every morning at 9, before I watch Wendy and ‘The Real’.  Well, according to The Jasmine Brand, Sister Circle Live almost never made it to air.  And executives are bracing for it to fail!

The Jasmine Brand reports that the show, which is hosted by Syleena Johnson, Rashan Ali, Quad Webb-Lunceford and Kiana Dancie, is the brainchild of TV executive Brad Siegal.  Siegal was with TV One up until July of this year.  And when he left

Essentially, they were forced to pick the show up.

A source revealed to The Jasmine Brand:

It was Brad’s brainchild. He had a relationship with the production company and he loved the idea of the network having this new, refreshing show.

Personally, I do find the show refreshing.  But I always like to hear women talk.  You know how the Bible says “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20 I feel the same way!  Whenever groups of women are gathered to talk, there I am ready to listen.

But apparently, the executives at TV One feel differently.  A source tells The Jasmine Brand:

This show was all Brad’s idea. Execs weren’t against doing a talk show, but they had some other issues with it and they didn’t have as much input as they wanted. They were basically forced to move forward with a show that most of them never wanted and you can tell. They did the bare minimum in rolling out the show and are giving it very little push in promoting it.  They needed more time to work out the kinks. They’re hoping that the show gains some momentum, so that maybe the show can be saved from the inevitable.

I can tell the executives do the BARE MINIMUM for the show just by the set design.  If you compare the sets of The Real and Wendy Williams, you will notice a BIG difference between their sets and the set of Sister Circle. Right now, The Real is all set for Christmas and they seem to be doing a winter wonderland theme, with at least 20 – 25 white Christmas trees and just a beautiful snowy background.

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Wendy Williams just has one Christmas tree but it is HUGE.  It has her theme colors, purple, blue and pink and it’s really just amazing.  When you compare that to the Sister Circle’s two sad little Christmas tree pushed to the back of the set, you can see that the executives are just giving them the bare minimum and seeing what they can do with it.

The same goes for their social media presence.  I have a degree in Marketing, so I always notice these things.  Sister Circle doesn’t have a dedicated website, just a subpage on the TV One website.  And they just  got a YouTube channel 3 weeks ago, even though they’ve been on air for three months!

You can’t tell me the executives at TV One don’t know how important digital marketing is – especially for a show targeted toward people of color.  Sister Circle is supposed to be all over Black Twitter.

But God!

But apparently the Sisters are making it work! I haven’t seen the ratings published online for this show yet.  But I can tell you it has been on for almost three months and it hasn’t been cancelled yet!  Ya’ll know TV executives will cancel shows with the quickness if they ratings aren’t good.


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