How To Make Money On YouTube

As A Celebrity News Vlogger


The Science To Spilling The Tea That Gets You Paid!

By now you've heard that YouTube Vloggers make  thousands and even millions of dollars each year. And you know that you've got what it takes make money on YouTube too!  But, there's one problem - you don't know  how to get the THOUSANDS of views you need in order to make REAL MONEY on YouTube!

You know you have the skills that it takes to make money on YouTube.  But you haven't even TRIED to make money on YouTube because you've been discouraged by YouTube monetization rules.

Or maybe you've created a YouTube channel and you've tried your hand at uploading videos that you think people want to see. But you haven't gotten the views that you wanted. And as a matter of fact, you haven't gotten the views that you deserve considering how much work you've put into your videos.

After buying the best camera that your money can buy, and even investing in editing software so that you can edit videos like a pro - you're still not getting more than a couple of hundred views on your videos, if that!

The hours of work that you're putting in behind the scenes are just not paying off and you're not getting out of your YouTube channel what you've put into it.

You're not alone! It's not easy to make money on YouTube!

There's a science to getting to views and earning money on YouTube. And most people don't realize what FIVE CRITICAL ELEMENTS they are MISSING that are keeping them from getting thousands and maybe even millions of views AND earning  REAL MONEY on YouTube!

I'm here to teach you the SCIENCE to spilling the tea and getting paid on YouTube!


In this 6 week course I will teach you exactly what to do - step by step - in order to get views and earn money on YouTube presenting Celebrity News.

Yes, you can make money on YouTube without  talking about yourself!

And making money on YouTube feels good! Real good!

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up and not have to rush to get dressed, get out the door, and fight traffic to get to work to help someone else build their dream.
Imagine what it would feel like to wake up and get to work on your own dream.
Imagine being able to turn your penchant for Celebrity News into a business that makes YOU money.
Imagine being free to let your  creativity run wild as you create and edit videos about celebrities that everyone can comment and talk about.
And that knack you have for breaking things down so people can understand them better...

Imagine FINALLY getting paid for that!

Imagine finally getting paid for that!

A Little About Me

You may be familiar with my YouTube channel, LailahLynnTV, where I’ve earned over 150K subscribers and 55 MILLION views in the past two years.  But let me tell you more about Lynn - the person behind the channel.

I started my YouTube channel in 2013 right before I got pregnant with my daughter, Lailah.  And I actually didn’t start posting videos on my channel until after I gave birth to my daughter the next year.  My channel was initially called Lailah & Lynn because it started out as a “Mommy & Me” type of channel where I would post mommy vlogs and random hair and beauty videos.  Those videos rarely got more than 100 views, if that! On a few rare occasions my natural hair tutorials did manage to get a couple of thousands of views. But I wasn’t getting many subscribers on YouTube, and most importantly - I wasn’t earning any money on YouTube!

Then one day, in May of 2016, one of my favorite reality stars got fired from her job co-hosting a popular talk show.  And I decided to make a video about it! I felt that her voice on that talk show had been taken from her. And having been fired before, I empathized with her and I wanted to share my opinion about what happened to her.

I had learned how to use Search Engine Optimization techniques as part of the coursework for my Masters Degree in Marketing, so when I uploaded by video I knew exactly what to do behind the scenes.  And the SEO techniques I used worked! The video got thousands of views in just one day! And as a matter of fact, it was my first viral video and it now has over 1 million views!!

Before I made that video I hadn’t even earned $100 on YouTube, which is the minimum you need to earn to receive a check for your YouTube videos.  And before making my first viral video I had expected my first YouTube check to only be a $100. But my first YouTube check was more than $1,000 dollars!!

Needless to say, ever since that first $1,000 check from YouTube I have been hooked!  I make YouTube videos daily now, sometimes even twice a day. And on average I earn 10X the amount of my first YouTube check every month.  That is how I’ve earned $100,000 in the last year!!


I’ve never earned this much money doing anything else that I’ve done.  I’ve gone to college and earned TWO degrees and I’ve worked in Corporate America.  But I’ve never made more money than I’m making right now as a Celebrity News Vlogger.

And I’d like to share with you my secrets to making tons of money on YouTube so that you can do it too!

Candice aka Daytime Tea Time

Celebrity News Vlogger

Hi my name is Candice Pelham and I am a celebrity news commentator and creator of Daytime Tea Time YouTube channel. In only 9 months my YouTube channel has gained over 120K Subscribers, over 30 Million views, and over $50,000 in revenue and I owe a HUGE part of my success to Lailah Lynn for teaching me everything that she knows about being a successful YouTuber. Lynn has been such an amazing and patient teacher! She has taught me step by step very useful tips, tricks, and details that have helped me to consistently average over 1 MILLION views per month and consistently earn $5,000-$16,000 per month on my YouTube channel. Lynn has taught me key information such as how to create captivating thumbnails and titles that inspire viewers to click and watch my videos. The title and the picture are the first 2 things that help to bring in your audience, and Lynn has a very unique and detailed formula which guarantees thousands of views. Lynn has also taught me the best editing software and editing styles to use in my videos. 

The best tricks and tips that have helped me are Lynn's "do's and dont's" to avoid being hit with copyright infringement strikes and YouTube guideline strikes. YouTube strikes are not something you want to experience because they can potentially lower views and revenue or ultimately cause your YouTube channel to get removed. Lynn knows exactly what to do to avoid issues like that with your videos. There are many "unwritten rules" that I have learned from Lynn. Many successful YouTubers use these "unwritten rules" that help them to gain views and subscribers. Those "unwritten rules" are not often shared, but Lynn will share them with you. She is very experienced and knows how to avoid breaking YouTube rules but still maintain your creativity and grow your YouTube channel. Her selflessness and willingness to helping me grow my YouTube channel is the reason I was able to gain my confidence as creator, work hard, and consistently put out great content. Daytime Tea Time has over 120K Subscribers and over 30 MILLION views in only 9 MONTHS and with Lynn's help I know you can do it too! Thank you so much Lynn! You are THE BEST!

Here's What You Get In This Course


You will learn the science of creating  videos that  people can't wait  to click on! These videos get thousands of views, subscribers, and most importantly - earn money!


You will learn the FIVE CRITICAL ELEMENTS that every YouTube video  MUST HAVE in order for it to get views and subscribers on YouTube. Without these FIVE CRITICAL ELEMENTS, uploading videos is like throwing dice - who knows what might happen!


You will learn the secret to navigating YouTube copyright guidelines so that you can present celebrities social media content on your channel while still complying with YouTube copyright guidelines!


Learn how to create a professional logo and professional graphic design principles that will make your videos and channel STAND OUT from all the others on YouTube.


The Real Tea On How You Can Make Money On YouTube Presenting Celebrity News 

This six week course can literally change your life!

Fact: You want to make your own money and you want to make it online. If you didn't, you wouldn't be reading this.

Fact: There are a lot of ways to make money online.

Fact: You need to choose one.

I'm offering you a 6 week course teaching you one way to make money online - and that's by presenting Celebrity News on YouTube!

In this six week course I teach you the ins and outs of Celebrity News in the digital world and specifically how YOU can make money presenting Celebrity News on YouTube.

Each week you will learn 2 specific skills to apply to your YouTube channel and videos so that you are getting the views, subscribers, and most importantly, the MONEY that you deserve for your work.

After introducing you to how businesses and individuals are making money presenting Celebrity News in the digital world we'll begin with an assessment of who you are and exactly what you want to present to the world via YouTube.

Then we'll get into the type of content you want to create. Hint: every Celebrity News video is NOT the same. We'll get into how to select celebrity news stories that will earn you money right away, and how to select those that will earn you money over time.

Next we'll get into how to prep for your videos and I'll share my secret on how you can obtain content from celebrities that will allow you to present Celebrity News footage while still be in compliance with YouTube copyright guidelines.

Then we'll get into visual and audio branding, and how you can make yourself stand out with a professional logo and theme song!


AND I'll share with you the FIVE CRITICAL ELEMENTS that you MUST incorporate in to your YouTube video and channel in order to get views, subscribers, and make money on YouTube!

And as a bonus, I share with you my secrets to getting your YouTube channel monetized FAST.

You can do what you want to do!

And if you want to make MONEY presenting Celebrity News on YouTube, then I'll show you how!


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The first 50 people who sign up will receive a personalized review of their YouTube channel where I tell them what they're doing right and what they're doing wrong.

Summary of What You’ll Get...

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    Learn the science behind creating videos that people WANT to click on.
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    Learn the FIVE CRITICAL ELEMENTS every YouTube video must have to get views.
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    Learn the secret to navigating YouTube Copyright Guidelines like a pro
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    Learn how to BRAND your videos to stand out from EVERYONE ELSE on YouTube

Get Instant Access To The Course!

Click the button below to get immediate access to this six week jam-packed course  with tools and tips for you to get started making money on YouTube presenting Celebrity News for just $199!

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Here are answers to questions that you may have:

Why should I pay for this course?

Well, everything can be googled. But Google won't give it to you in step by step format. This is a system: step 1, step 2, step 3, so there is no confusion!

Time is money. Do you really want to spend months and months googling? Or you can have your channel built in a weekend :) and in a few months you can be making money, instead of wasting time. And that's more fun!

Can I take this course if I have a busy schedule?

You sure can! Once you get access to the course you can work at YOUR own pace until you complete the course.  That means if you have a hectic work schedule - you can schedule time to complete the course whenever it is convenient for you.

How fast can I complete this course?

The course is designed to be completed in 6 weeks.  However, once you get access to the course you are able to access every single unit.  So you can work at your own pace and finish as fast as you want!

How long will it take before I start making money?

In this course I share with you my secret for getting your YouTube channel monetized FAST.  So as soon as your channel meets the YouTube requirements for monetization you'll be able to start earning money!

What is your refund policy?

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How will I access the course?

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Get Instant Access To The Course!

Click the button below to get immediate access to this six week jam-packed course  with tools and tips for you to get started making money on YouTube presenting Celebrity News for just $199!

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