Reginae & Alexis Skyy Explain Their Behavior At That Cucumber Pool Party

It was a crazy weekend for some of Atlanta’s favorite celebrities who attended rapper Trouble’s “Winners Only” pool party. The pool party was hosted by Reginae Carter’s on again off again boyfriend, YFN Lucci. And reality star Alexis Sky was also in attendance.

And although Reginae claimed to hate the #cucumberchallenge and did a whole video about how degrading it is, she was at the cucumber party too!!

So now that the party’s over and both Reginae and Alexis Skyy are trending for being at the party and Alexis for acting a plum fool at the party, both of them are responding to the claims that are being made and trying to explain what really happened at the party. Watch:

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about Alexis Skyy and Reginae Carter at the cucumber party. Do you think Reginae was really just trying to spy on YFN Lucci? And what do you think about Alexis Skyy? Leave a comment and let me know!

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