Meagan Good Finally Reveals The Truth About Skin Bleaching Rumors

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Meagan Good, Mrs. Franklin if ya nasty, has finally revealed the true reason her skin color has appeared lighter over the past few years.

Since around 2014 fans of Meagan Good have noticed a gradual lightening of her skin tone. And fans have been curious if the lightening was purposefully or a side effect of a drug or skin condition.

Meagan Good finally put all the speculation to rest and confessed that there was a product she was using to address sun damage on her forehead that ended up lightening her skin!

Check it out:

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One thought on “Meagan Good Finally Reveals The Truth About Skin Bleaching Rumors

  • May 21, 2020 at 6:29 am

    Child stop lying. You are the damn wife of a pastor. Commandment thou shalt not LIE.


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