Matt Jordan Says Kenya Is Not Really Sexual & Starts to Explain Why Porsha Was His Woman Crush #rhoa

Matt Jordan took to Instagram live last night and revealed some things about Kenya Moore (3:09) that might be surprising. And he tried to explain why he said he had a crush on Porsha Williams (9:20).
As you may know, Matt will not be on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion since him and Kenya are no longer a couple. (And I’m sure him destroying her property played a part as well.) He allegedly was supposed to be paid $10K for the reunion, which he has been vocal about not receiving.
Him and Peter actually got into a physical altercation Tuesday night over Peter basically saying that Matt got played by Kenya. Matt did not seem to want to talk about Peter or the warrant out for his arrest. But he did want to talk about Kenya and Porsha.

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