LHH New York Star Anais Explains THAT Jerry Springer Video

Love & Hip Hop NY star Anais had some ‘splaining to do!

A video of the star appearing on the infamous Jerry Springer show surfaced recently and it was a mess! Check it out:

OK, so here’s what’s going on here.  Anais is claiming to have been pregnant by her transgender roommate.  But in reality the “roommate” is really her cousin and they were just collecting a few coins by appearing on the show.

Here’s how Anais explained it:

anais jerry springer transgender roommate cousin


In brief, she said:

When I post it 5 years ago they don’t care for it. That’s to show you you can work now, and your work can show 20 years later. Amen for that. Now like I said let’s leave the past alone! Nicoleta sent me more pics of us as kids 😂😂♥️💋

(punctuation added for clarity 😉

Were you surprised to see Anais on Jerry Springer? 

I wasn’t.

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