Kirk Franklin’s Christian Clap Back At Jesse Duplantis For Asking Followers To Pay For His $54 Million Jet

Some of you may have heard, since it’s been all over the news, that televangelist Jesse Duplantis has asked for donations to buy a $54 million dollar jet.  Now, I know that sounds crazy, but if you’re familiar with Jesse Duplantis’ ministry then you may already know that he is what is considered to be a ‘prosperity preacher’ which means in the simplest terms that  he preaches that the more money believers give to the church, the more God will bless them.

To preachers like Jesse Duplantis and Creflo Dollar, luxuries – like private jets – are not at odds with Jesus’ teachings of moderation and humility.  Jesse Duplantis explains this in this video that we’re about to get in to, and then we’ll get into what gospel artist Kirk Franklin had to say about all of this.

So that is Jesse Duplant’s explanation of how this $54 million dollar jet will be purchased and used.  And here’s what Kirk Franklin had to say.  Kirk posted a photo of an article about Jesse Duplantis’ requests for donations for the jet and he captioned it:

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So what do you think? Based on your beliefs, do you think God is leading Jesse Duplantis to ask his followers to purchase this $54 million jet?  Or do you agree with Kirk Franklin that this is an abuse of power on the part of Jesse Duplantis and that God is not in this?

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