Kenya Moore Is Getting A BABY SPECIAL!! Yes, It’s True!

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I heard the news that Kenya Moore is getting her very own Baby Special on E! News yesterday, but I wasn’t sure whether I believed it or not because of the source that it came from.

But today, multiple sources have confirmed that Ms. Kenya Moore Daly is getting a Baby Special!


An insider told MTO:

“Kenya and Marc signed on for a two part ‘special’. If the ratings are good – they’ll get a full season.”

And I do believe that the two part baby special is going to air of E! News because the E! News website is now reporting on Kenya Moore’s pregnancy.

On August 27th they published this article about Kenya’s pregnacy:

And the E! News channel is owned by NBC, the same channel that owns Bravo TV.  So it makes sense that she would be able to negotiate a contract with E! News before any other outside network since E! and Bravo are both owned by NBC.

So congratulations to Kenya & Marc and team twirl on their baby special.  Kenya confirmed the news on Instagram as well:

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