Kenya Denies Being in A LONG DISTANCE MARRIAGE With Husband Marc Daly

Kenya Denies Being in A LONG DISTANCE MARRIAGE With Husband Marc Daly

In Episode 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Sunday we saw what I considered a very strange scene.  First, they showed Kenya reminiscing about her wedding day with her wedding dress in her arms and no one else in the room except her dogs.  Being that a wedding is the joining of two people, and two families, it just seemed really strange to me to see her reminisce about her wedding day alone in a room.

Granted, her best friend Brandon was on the phone, but how are you shooting scenes with someone on the phone.  That’s weak.

Then the scene changed to behind the scenes footage of Kenya actually crying to a producer about how the stress of the media was already affecting her husband.  And how she didn’t want to get divorced.

There’s no way her husband didn’t know she was a reality tv star when he met her. So he had to be crazy to think he could marry her and not be shown on her reality show, which is based on being a wife.  It would be different if the show was about being a business person, like the apprentice, or something like that.  But the show is about being a wife.  And now that Kenya is a wife, of course producers of the show are going to want him on it.

In any case, he wasn’t there. And Kenya revealed that her husband actually lived in New York.  So Kenya and her husband were actually in a long distance marriage.

Kenya responded to a few RHOA fans on Instagram that thought it was strange she would be newly married to someone, who she didn’t even live with.

kenya moore husband marc daly real housewives of atlanta

kenya moore husband marc daly real housewives of atlanta

kenya moore husband marc daly real housewives of atlanta

In her Bravo blog Kenya also responded to people who wanted to know how she knew her husband was “the one” so quickly…

After months of self-examination, counseling, and purging myself of negative people and situations in my life, I felt ready to date. In December, I reached out to Chef Roble (who had introduced them earlier) on a whim to see if Marc was single. Yes, I broke the rules and made the first move. I’ve never done that, but I’m glad I did!

We connected right away. He was easy to talk to, funny, and emotionally available, and we spent hours on the phone before meeting. When we had our first date, the earth literally shifted. I called Cynthia and told her I just met my husband. I knew — I knew right away. I was vulnerable with him in a way I’ve never been before. I let my guard down and just showed him my true self.

And she explained why she broke down crying when talking to the producer about her marriage…

You heard a very real and honest but very private conversation. I was emotionally spent and broke down after speaking to Brandon. I was only two weeks into my marriage, and as a newlywed, I was supposed be in wedding bliss, but I was not.

We were targeted with so much hatred, negativity, and interference at that time, and I was overwhelmed and emotionally drained. The things that people did to try to hurt us were incredible to me. I was breaking down over the things people would say to him about me in hopes of tarnishing his image and love for me.


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