Kandi Announces She Plans To Quit Xscape AGAIN On WWHL

In what had to be the most awkward interview ever yesterday, Kandi Burruss announced she will not be moving forward in recording new music with the group Xscape.  Here’s what the group had to say when Andy asked them if they are recording new music.


I have to be honest. This is so wack to me.  Why reunite as a group, only to still end up breaking up again???

Now, I do have to note, that I have heard Tiny say in previous interviews that they were not interested in recording new Xscape music.  She said in an interview with Wendy Williams in April of this year…

Right now we’re not really focusing on new music. Because I think what everybody loves and wants to hear is the old music.

And, as a fan, I can say that is true, I do want to see them perform their classics which I loved when I was in school.  But it kinda puts a damper on things knowing that the ladies are still not on one accord, which was clear last night.

Apparently, Tiny, Latocha, and Tamika have all decided to record new music.  And Kandi just has better things to do.

And even though Tamika has given Kandi the public apology that she demanded in order to “re-join” the group.  There is still tension there.


So after that disaster of an interview, fans were truly concerned that Kandi might not even make it to the shows that they have bought tickets for.  Here’s what some fans had to say…

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Kandi did address a few Xscape fans…

And she told another fan…

How awesome do ya’ll think the show will be knowing that Xscape is still moving forward with only 3 members?

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