Joseline Hernandez Drops A Diss Track Aimed At Cardi B?! Cardi Promises to Respond

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“Rapper” Joseline just dropped a diss track aimed at none other than Cardi B!

Both ladies gained fame from their Love & Hip Hop antics.  However, Cardi B was way more relatable and arguably more talented than Joseline.  So her star rose faster.

Stevie J said Joseline was jealous of Cardi back in August.  And claimed that jealousy somehow prevented him from seeing their daughter, Bonnie Bella.

Well, Joseline’s diss track proves he was right.  Take a listen.

What do ya’ll think of the song?

Twitter was quick to respond to Joseline’s attempt to diss Cardi B.

It looks like Cardi B is planning on responding too.

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