Janet Hubert’s Full FB Rant Blaming Will Smith For Son’s Suicide Attempt, Trashes Jada’s ‘Red Table Talk’

Janet Hubert, best known for her role as the original ‘Aunt Viv’ on the hit series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, suffered a terrible tragedy just the other day.  Her son, Elijah, who is 25 years old attempted to take his own life.  According to a post by Janet on Facebook, her son attempted to commit suicide but was not successful in his attempt (thank God).

Janet posted:

It seems so strange that Will Smith would be on Janet Hubert’s mind after her son attempted to take his own life.  But he was.  And Janet posted more about exactly why she blames Will Smith for the tragedy on her Facebook page before it was deleted.

A Facebook user was able to grab this screenshot of Janet Hubert’s full Facebook rant about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith and how they expose their children to the world in “red table talks” that are more like butcher’s tables!

It says in part:

Now, I did see Will and Jada Pinkett-Smitth’s daughter Willow confess to her mom, for the first time ever, that she used to cut her self and bleed out on one of their Red Table Talks.  And after that I stopped watching it.  I just can’t follow the logic of it being OK to have those types of confessions – FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER – on social media.

It makes me wonder why Willow wouldn’t have just told her mother or father privately.  And does she feel there has to be a camera around for her parents to listen to her.  IDK.

Janet Hubert does have some points, however, I just can’t agree with blaming Will Smith for her son’s attempted suicide.  Unless Will Smith was in contact with her son, I just don’t see blaming him.

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And if she’s trying to say that because Will blackballed her career and she didn’t become as rich as she expected to be, and that somehow impacted her son’s life – she’s wrong there too!

Rich people commit suicide everyday.  Kate Spade just committed suicide yesterday and she was very wealthy!

In my opinion, it sounds like Janet may have some mental health issues herself.  It is literally taking her decades to get over being fired from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.  And I wonder if maybe her son had some mental health issues as well.

I hope her son is getting the attention and care that he needs.  And if you’re watching this video I want you to also go over to my YT sis S_Hutchinson’s channel and watch a video she posted yesterday about suicide.  I will have a link in the description box and at the end of this video.

Thanks for watching.

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