Jamal Bryant Reveals 28 New Birth Church Members Attacked With Pepper Spray!

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Pastor Jamal Bryant revealed that yesterday, 28 people attending New Birth Missionary Baptist Church were attacked with pepper spray by two men in hoodies.

Jamal Bryant did a Facebook live video and revealed that about 10 minutes in to his Sunday sermon 2 men in hoodies and hats entered the church and sprayed pepper spray, causing between 26 – 28 people to have to seek medical attention.

After seeing that video I’m requesting that anybody that is a member or was present Sunday at New Birth to email me at lailah@lailahlynn.com and let me know the details of why these men targeted New Birth. I need to know what is going on and if their motive has anything to do with Jamal Bryant, Kanye West, or if it was an inside job.

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