ICYMI: Preacher’s Wife Meagan Good Explains Why She Avoids ‘Church Folk’

In case you missed it, Meagan Good appeared on an episode of DL Hughley’s new show to promote her movie, Intruder, which stars her and Michael Ealy. If you’ve seen the commercials for the movie then you know that the movie is definitely a thriller, but what you may not know if you haven’t seen the movie is that the movie has a very steamy sex scene between Meagan Good and Michael Ealy.

So when Meagan appeared on DL Hughley’s show he asked Meagan about how her husband felt about her doing a sex scene since her husband is a pastor.


I think if you’re going to disregard what people have to say about you in one arena (like doing sex scenes as part of your job) then you might as well disregard what people have to say to you in all arenas (and just go to church with your husband anyway.) You don’t have to allow the people in church to talk to you. You can surround yourself with friends that you know that are going to protect you from random strangers saying whatever they want to say to you. And that way you can still protect your spirit while enjoying fellowshipping with other Christians. That’s my opinion! If you’re going to ignore what people say about your sex scenes, then ignore what they say about you going to church too!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about Meagan Good doing sex scenes even though she’s the wife of a preacher. And let me know what you think about her husband supporting her doing sex scenes.

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