GirlChat: Towanda Braxton Denies Belittling Tamar’s Miscarriage & Confirming Vince Bit Tamar #bfv

I had to come on camera for a little girl chat about this situation. Towanda Braxton tweeted that Tamar didn’t actually suffer a ‘miscarriage’ when her IVF “didn’t stick”. She tweeted that a miscarriage is different from a failed IVF. But isn’t a loss, a loss???

The Braxton Family Values was actually supposed to be a positive show, that’s why ‘values’ is in the title (according to Miss E) but watching this sisters argue on and off camera is really sad to me. Last night it was Trina, Tamar and Traci going at it. And now in real life Towanda and Tamar seem to have some issues. All I can do is SMH.


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