[full video] KeKe Palmer Explains Why She REFUSED to be in Trey Songz Music Video

This is the full video and the snaps KeKe Palmer made the night of Trey Songz party. She says she came to party and when Trey Songz asked her to be in the music video they were filming, she said NO several times. However, video of her was secretly recorded and put in the video anyway.

Background: The song is called “Pick Up The Phone” and features Trey Songz, Fabolous and MikexAngel. In the lyrics, MikexAngel says “I palm her p–sy like KeKe / Like KeKe, Like Keke” so apparently they wanted KeKe to do a cameo to accompany those lyrics.

She declined, and they sat her down to explain the video concept anyway. While they had her seated, they were actually filming the small cameo you see of her in the video without her knowing.

Once she saw the video on social media she was livid and made a video explaining why. Trey responded on Twitter saying KeKe should have called him.

But should she have to call him when she already told him NO to his face?

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