Freddie Harteis Pregnant Girlfriend TELLS IT ALL! In New OPEN LETTER To Jeannie Mai

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So after I posted my video about people accusing Freddy Harteis of cheating on Jeannie Mai, I went and watched today’s episode of The Real, where Jeannie Mai broke down crying talking about her soon to be ex-husband Freddy Harteis.

During that Girl Chat she says that “you don’t truly know someone until they don’t get what they want”, which implied that Freddy is not getting what he wants in their divorce, which is why it is taking so long.  And she said the same thing on the Breakfast Club a few days ago.

After I posted my video about the situation and people saying that Freddy was cheating on Jeannie during their marriage, Freddie’s girlfriend Linsey Toole, reached out to me via email.

Now at first I wasn’t sure if it was really her emailing me because I get a lot of fake emails. (And I knew before posting this email I would have to verify that it was really Linsey and not a fake account.)

So I screen- shotted a picture of the email and DMed it to Linsey on Instagram asking if it was her that sent the email.  She confirmed that yes, she did send the email that the email is her response to Jeannie Mai.

So this is pretty much an open letter that she has written to Jeannie Mai that I am going to share with you here.  But before I do that, I first want to share the court records pertaining to Jeannie and Freddy’s divorce.

You can see here that Jeannie Mai is the person that filed for the divorce.  She is the petitioner and Freddy is the respondent.

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And you can see here that she filed on October 23, 2017.  In Linsey’s direct messages to me on Instagram she says that Jeannie actually requested the divorce in August 2017 but didn’t actually file it until October.

And you can see soon after Jeannie filed for divorce, Freddy filed for a legal separation.  So they are legally separated.  And Lindsey revealed that it is actually Jeannie that’s trying to get more money out of the divorce by contesting their prenup.

So let’s get into this open letter that Linsey Toole wrote to Jeannie Mai.

So let me first share with you Linsey and I’s DM conversation, then I’ll get into her open letter to Jeannie.




5 thoughts on “Freddie Harteis Pregnant Girlfriend TELLS IT ALL! In New OPEN LETTER To Jeannie Mai

  • October 23, 2018 at 10:35 am

    I think it’s interesting that babymama is so judgemental. Before Freddy she was with “Yelawolf” (see pics and videos of her on studio floor) and before that shacked up with country singer Gary Allan in front of his kids. Can you say “gold digger”?

    • October 23, 2018 at 10:39 am

      She’s also a former Hooters girl and Benchwarmer trading card girl. Real classy. Then she wants to say Jeannies tainting Freddy’s image. 🤣

  • November 13, 2018 at 8:14 pm

    She’s still a homewrecker in my book. People dug up receipts that her and Freddy were seeing each other (on IG) before Jeannie filed for divorce. They would always exchange flirty comments in the comment section but she deleted those pictures when Jeannie’s fans caught on. She openly admitted that she ONLY met Jeannie once and was friends with Freddy for 8 years in that letter and that sounds fishy as heck. They were emotionally cheating with each other long before she opened her legs to catch Freddy’s sperm. She’s mad that karma is catching up to her (and will continue to do so). Aside from that, I have a feeling that Freddy doesn’t love her like Jeannie but loves her for his own convenience because she gave him what he wanted – a baby. Their body language speaks volume. She looks like she’s more into him than he is into her. He looks emotionally unattached to her, but is sucking it up for her because he’s responsible for a baby now. Anyways, I know people who knew Linsey and they said Linsey likes to surround herself with C and D list celebrities and singers, but they would used her for sex and leave her out in the cold for better women. She may gloat and act like a ‘wife’ for a baby mama, but she should be aware that having a baby doesn’t keep a man. Girl, is gonna have to see Freddy’s dark side after the honeymoon phase is over. You lose them how you get them.

  • February 6, 2019 at 2:36 am

    Um… I’m sorry, I am a college graduate and what I like to consider intelligent and well-versed in the proper use of the English language. Having said that, she a hoe. Slut. Side bitch who got knocked the Eff up! Gold digging, Hooters prostituwannabe. Phew! That felt good.

  • January 4, 2020 at 1:55 am

    Linsey you trash of a whore you need to STFU. What ever happen with them is their problem. Freddy is not even bothered about it so why you so wilded up? Who is the one screaming for attention… sounds like LINSEY! Let’s see what you have to say about freddy when he leaves your ass!


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