Exposed On Camera! Lil Boosie Threatens To Put A ‘Hit’ Out On His Baby Mama Just Like He Did Her Brother

Lil Boosie was just caught on tape threatening to murder the mother of his child, Rochelle Wagner, and confessing to having her brother murdered.  Rochelle recorded a conversation between her and Lil Boosie, which we’re going to listen to in just a second.  But I just want to give you all some context first.

In 2012, Lil Boosie was acquitted of the murder of Terry Boyd, who is the brother of Lil Boosie’s baby mama, Rochelle Wagner.

The prosecution accused Lil Boosie of hiring hitman Michael Louding aka “Marlo Mike” to kill Rochelle’s brother, Terry Boyd, who was shot to death through a window while he was inside his home.

Once in court, jurors only deliberated for an hour before finding Lil Boose not guilty. And once Rochelle heard the verdict, she left the court room crying and did not speak with reporters.

But now that Lil Boosie is threatening her life, she is speaking up.  She went on live last night and exposed the telephone recording of Lil Boosie where he calls their daughter Tori a b!tch and threatens to black her eye, and he confesses to having a hit put on her brother, and threatens to have a hit put on her as well.

When he says “put a bag on you” he is referring to putting a hit out on her.  So here is the conversation:

What do y’all think of Lil Boosie’s confessions?  Is the confession to “putting a bag” on her brother enough to land Lil Boose back in jail?  And what about the threats to put a hit out on the mother of his child? Is that enough to put him back behind bars?

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