Drake’s Baby Mama Shows Up To His Concert, Allegedly With Their Son Adonis

Drake’s now notorious baby mother, Sophie Brussaux, recently shared pictures and video of her at Drake’s Paris concert on her instagram. And a picture of what appears to be baby Adonis has also leaked online!

This is one of the first times the public has been able to get a fairly good look at baby Adonis since his existence was revealed by Pusha T last year. Sophie has shared pictures of herself holding Baby Adonis in the past but his face was always turned away from the camera. But this image of Baby Adonis out in public was one of the first times you can actually almost see Baby Adonis’ face (except for the fact that he is covering his eyes.)

But what you can see very clearly is Adonis’ big ole afro which is too cute!! It actually looks very similar to Drake’s afro when he was a child!

Drake will be spending the next two months in Europe for his ‘Assassination Vacation’ tour, which means he’ll likely be getting extra ‘quality time’ with his 1-year-old son, Adonis. Drake kicked off his Assassination Vacation European tour in Manchester, England on March 10 and he reportedly had a special visitor backstage in England too. A source leaked to the press that Drake’s baby mamma Sophie Brussaux and his son, Adonis, attended the England concert too so they could help him celebrate the start of his tour. Sophie and Adonis reportedly live in Europe full-time, so Drake will be able to visit with his son a lot more while he is on his European tour.

Since Drake’s baby mother has been revealed, a lot of people have wondered exactly who she is. So here are Five Fast Facts about Drake’s baby mama Sophie Brussaux:

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1. She was reportedly born in France in 1990.

Sophie Brussaux is 28 years old, only 3 years younger than Drake.

2. She previously worked as an adult actress. 

But she has since retired from the adult entertainment industry.

3. She’s a very talented artist.

Since leaving adult entertainment, Sophie has pursued a pretty successful career in art. She has even exhibited in major art cities like New York and Milan.

4. She was first spotted with Drake in January of 2017.

The two were spotted grabbing food together with friends, but looked quite comfortable. Just months after, rumors started circulating that Drake was going to be a father.

5. She gave birth to a son in October of 2017 and named him Adonis.

Reports say that Sophie gave birth to Drake’s son Adonis in France and she currently lives in Europe with their son.

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