Loni Love BLAMES VINCE For Tamar Being Fired From The Real! (Receipts included)

Loni Love spilled the tea all over the table at The Breakfast Club this morning! She points the finger at Vincent Herbert for the REAL reason Tamar Braxton was fired from The Real Daytime talk show. And she tells exactly why Vince wanted to blame HER for it.

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The First Close Up Pics Of Baby Kulture Have Been Revealed!

As a new mom I’m sure a part of Cardi B wanted to share pictures of her brand new baby girl with the world.  But it seemed like Cardi was torn between keeping Kulture’s privacy and showing her off to the world.

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Cardi B Vying To Perform SOLO At 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Show!

When the NFL recently announced that pop group Maroon Five would be playing at the next Super Bowl half time show a lot of hip hop fans were extremely disappointed.  Some felt that since the Super Bowl was being held in Atlanta, and Atlanta is the home of dozens of hip hop artists – like 2 Chainz, Future, Migos, TI, Ludacris, and a lot more – that an Atlanta based hip hop artist would be asked to perform for the half-time show.

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Kenya & Her Husband Marc Have A Disagreement Live On Camera

I wanted to share this video with you guys of Kenya and her husband Marc Daly trying to decide on their baby shower invitations because I still plan on keeping up with Kenya and her family on this channel even though she’s not on Real Housewives of Atlanta anymore.

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Mariah Huq’s Alleged “Receipts” Are Not What People Think | Married To Medicine Season 6 tea

On last week’s episode of Married to Medicine, Mariah Huq dropped a bombshell accusation against Dr. Heavenly’s husband, Dr. Damon Kimes, also affectionately known as “Daddy”.

When Dr. Heavenly accused Mariah’s husband of having small genitalia – which is was SO beneath the belt, btw. That was SO trashy! Mariah turned around, sashayed back in the room, and offered to bring the receipts of Dr. Damon cheating on Dr. Heavenly.

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Cardi B Allegedly Put the Paws On Somebody!

According to New York City Twitter users, Cardi B allegedly showed up and showed out at Angels Nightclub in New York last night.  Cardi is rumored to have fought an Angels bartender over her allegedly cheating with Offset!

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Trina Braxton Replaces Host On Sister Circle Live

Your favorite sister’s ‘favorite sister’ will be joining the cast of Sister Circle Live on TVOne!  It has been announced that Trina Braxton has been tapped to join the all female hosting panel of TV One’s talk show Sister Circle Live.

Trina Braxton, who is 43, is a singer, actress and restaurant owner.  She is currently part of WE-TV’s “Braxton Family Values” but is allegedly on strike with her sisters Tamar, Toni & Towanda.

Executive producer of Sister Circle, Helen Swansons said Trina Braxton subbed in a couple of times and she immediately liked Trina’s chemistry with the other ladies.  And she also found Trina’s “soulfulness” attractive.

Lisa Kridos, Vice President of Original Programming and Development said “From her musical roots as part of the legendary Braxton sisters and continuing to star with her famous family on Braxton Family Values, Trina brings a unique perspective to Sister Circle with her honest and candid perspective on relationships, motherhood, and managing it all.”

Trina will join the three original show members: veteran radio host Rashan Ali, “Married to Medicine” reality star Quad Webb-Lunceford and R&B singer Syleena Johnson.

It’s being reported that former co-host comic Kiana Dancie has been able to parlay her exposure into bigger stand-up gigs and movie roles, so good for her.  And congratulations to Trina Braxton on her new job!

As I previously reported, Trina’s sister Traci Braxton also has a talk show in the works with Phaedra Parks, Natalie Nunn, and Luenell.  That show is rumored to have been picked up by WeTV, which is another reason Traci Braxton is not participating in the Braxton Family Values strike against WeTV.

What do you think of Trina joining the cast of Sister Circle? Do you think she makes a good fit on the show? And if you haven’t been watching it, will Trina joining the cast make you watch it now?

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Cardi B Claps Back At ‘Haters’ During VMA Best New Artist Award Acceptance Speech

It sounds like Cardi B just clapped back at industry vets Funkmaster Flex and Nicki Minaj in her VMA Best New Artist acceptance speech.

Over the past week Nick Minaj, in an interview with Funkmaster Flex, discussed the practice of ‘payola’ in the music industry.  She said labels pay people to say certain things in an attempt to promote their artists and tear competition down.

And Funkmaster Flex said in an Instagram post that Cardi B’s team has paid DJs to “play records and say that they are hot.”

Cardi B clapped back at the ‘payola’ rumors in an Instagram comment first (click the link in the top right corner if you missed my video on that.) And now Cardi B just clapped back in her VMA Best New Artist acceptance speech.


What do you think of Cardi B using her big moment after winning artist of year, to clap back at the people that say her label has bought her success?  Should she have addressed them another time? Or was this the perfect opportunity?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


Nicki Minaj ‘Queen’ Projected To Sell ONLY HALF Of What Cardi B Sold| Cardi Denies ‘Payola’

While Nicki Minaj waged a Twitter war yesterday with everyone from her ex-boyfriend Safaree to Love and Hip Hop’s Jessica Dime, Cardi B was on Instagram celebrating her success.  She posted a series of Instagram posts celebrating her singles that have gone Gold & Platinum off her album ‘Invasion of Privacy’. And some people seemed to think she was gloating about her sales because Nicki Minaj’s projected sales were released yesterday and Nicki is only projected to sell half of what Cardi B sold.

First Cardi B posted that her single ‘I Do’ featuring Sza is Gold.

Then she followed up letting her fans know that her singles ‘Ring’ featuring Kehlani & ‘Drip featuring The Migos are also Gold.


And she let us know that her song “I Like It” featuring Bad Bunny & J Balvin is 2X Platinum.  Not bad for a girl from the Bronx!

But of course, in the midst of her celebration some people had to insinuate that she was only posting her success because her alleged competition, Nicki Minaj, is projected to sell way less than her.

Nicki Minaj’s ‘Queen’ album first week sales projections are in! According to reports:

Nicki Minaj’s fourth album Queen is projected to sell between 135-150k equivalent album units. Compare that to the first week sales for Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy which were 255K .

So Nicki Minaj’s ‘Queen’ album is expected to sell slightly more than half of what Cardi B’s ‘Invasion of Privacy’ sold in it’s first week.  And some fans seemed to think that Cardi B was gloating about that by posting her sales on Instagram yesterday.
Cardi B clapped back at one fan that told her now is not the time to be posting about her sales.
Then another fan implied that Cardi B’s record label, Atlantic, uses ‘payola’ to increase Cardi B’s airplay and record sales.  If you’re not familiar with ‘payola’, it just means that the record label bribes DJs, etc. to promote Cardi B’s music to increase her record sales.
Cardi B has admitted to something similar to this in the past:
But yesterday she clapped back at a fan who implied that ‘payola’ is the reason that she’s as successful as she is.
 But what do you think?  Can you buy a #1 song and airplay? And why do you think Cardi B is outselling Nicki Minaj?
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Tyler Perry PREACHES At Lakewood Church & Receives Mixed Reviews!

Tyler Perry delivered the sermon at Lakewood Church over the weekend to mixed reviews.  Some people were excited to hear Tyler Perry to share a message of hope and empowerment, and other people felt he didn’t belong in a pulpit at all because of the content of his movies and because of his personal life choices.

Like this person who said:

And another person who said:

But there were also tons of people who were inspired by Tyler Perry’s message that if you keep praying and worshipping God, miracles will happen.  Like this person who said:

And this person who said:

I had to block out these people’s names because I know how strongly people feel about religion and I don’t want them receiving any backlash.  But I am going to include some of Tyler Perry’s sermon here so you can make your own decision about how you feel about him preaching at Lakewood church.

First, Joel Osteen asked him to show a little bit of his Madea character.

Then Joel Osteen handed the stage over to Tyler Perry, who started his message off with a little humor to kinda open people up to what he was about to say.

Tyler Perry’s message was about how to deal with anxiety.  And I don’t think he meant Generalized Anxiety Disorder – which is the kind of anxiety that people sometimes take medication for.  But he was speaking about feeling worried or nervous about something in particular where the outcome is uncertain.

So what do you think about Tyler Perry’s message about praying and worshipping, climbing and maintaining?  Do you think Tyler Perry delivered a relevant message? Or do you think Tyler Perry shouldn’t be in the pulpit to begin with?

Leave a comment and let me know!

In case you missed it, after Hurricane Harvery, Tyler Perry made a very generous donation  to Lakewood Church in the amount of $250,000 to assist in their Harvey Relief efforts.  Through Tyler Perry’s generous donation, Lakewood Church and its volunteers were able to come in and help rebuild the home of a family devastated not just by the Hurricane but by another hurricane years prior.  Tyler and the family were able to meet this past weekend during his time in Houston and exchange hugs and high-fives.  Lakewood Church has provided rebuilding assistance to more than 1,150 Houston-area families whose homes were damaged or destroyed by floodwaters with the help of over 2,500 volunteers.