Terence J Caught Creeping On GF Jasmine Sanders

Former 106 & Park co-host  Terrence J is reportedly being investigated for his alleged involvement in a hit and run.

According to TMZ, a $200,000 black McLaren registered to Terence J slammed into a parking meter until it slid into a tree early Tuesday morning.

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Meek Mill’s Sends A WARNING After Nicki Minaj’s Allegations Of Abu$e

They say a hit dog will holler, and it looks like that’s exactly what Meek Mill did when Nicki Minaj revealed she was abused in a previous relationship.

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Cardi B Remembers When She Used To Think Offset Was Cheating On Her

Cardi B must have been feeling really reflective this morning because she got on her live and talked about a lot of things that were on her mind.  She talked about the Back It Up music video.  And she talked about her song Ring with Kehlani. She said she first got that song when her and Offset were dating and he used to not call her for days.  So the lyrics “you don’t make it ring no more” were very personal to her because Offset wasn’t ringing her phone.  And being that he wasn’t calling her, she assumed he must be with somebody else!



Start – 2:00 music video talk

2:00 – talks about Offset & her dating

5:00 talks about losing her singing voice

6:00 talks about missing baby Kulture

10:00 talks about putting out new music

Tamar Braxton Just Lost $1 Million Dollars, But Sis Is Still Winning

After years of liens being filed against the property by their homeowner’s association and a disgruntled nanny, Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert have sold their Calabasas, Calif., mansion for $9.25 million.

The sale price of $9.25 million is a little more than half of the almost $16 million asking price the property was priced at when it went up for sale in April of this year.  And it’s also $1.25 million less than the $10.5 million she and her now estranged husband Vincent Herbert paid for the property in April of 2013.

So Tamar & Vince just lost over $1.25 million dollars, not including the money they invested renovating the home!

BUT, even though she may have loss money in the sale of their mansion, Sis was able to pay off her nanny who had a judgement against her for almost a quarter of a million dollars in unpaid wages.

Tamar Braxton‘s former nanny, who won a $213K judgment against the reality star last year, has finally been paid in full now that the house has been sold.  Sources close to the situation confirm that the nanny did indeed receive her check this week, which paid the entire $213k judgement in full.

And on top of paying off that lien, Tamar is making progress in her divorce from Vince.  Los Angeles Superior Court documents show that there has been movement in her divorce case with Vince.

On March 20 Tamar & Vince had what’s called a Case Review Conference for their divorce. A Case Review Conference is an initial hearing where the judge, the attorneys, and the parties in the divorce meet to discuss the issues involved in the case. The whole purpose is to get the case moving forward.

So Tamar is definitely moving forward with her divorce and in her life. As I reported previously she is booed up! Last month Tamar was spotted out in public with a mystery man that she was definitely feeling! Click the link in the top right to catch up on that video if you missed it.

Tamar confirmed that her mystery man is wearing her out when she posted:

And Tamar confirmed again today in her Instagram comments that she is no longer with Vince. When someone asked:

Tamar responded “tell ya friend naw”.

Even though Tamar & Vince just lost over $1 million dollars with the sale of their mansion, Tamar is still winning when you look at the bigger picture.  She’s free of the liens associated with that house and selling the house helped her separate herself even more financially from Vince.

What do you think about Tamar & Vince selling their house at over a million dollar loss? And what do you think about her moving on with her love life?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


Slim Thug Apologizes For Calling Russell Wilson Lame & Corny And Explains His Controversial Comments

In case you missed it, yesterday Slim Thug got on his Instagram to apologize to Ciara and Russell Wilson for saying that their relationship was “not real”.  (Forget the marriage and the two kids that they’re raising, that are very real!)

Slim Thug was asked in a radio station interview if he felt that a woman that initially was attracted to “bad boys” could truly fall for a clean cut guy.  And he chose to use Ciara and Russell Wilson as an example to say that a woman that was attracted to “bad boys” could marry a clean cut guy, but it would be more for financial and family stability, because in her heart she would still like bad boys.

Slim Thug got a lot of push back after making those comments and that part of his interview actually went viral.  So today he decided to issue an apology.


I think Slim Thug is actually speaking from his own experiences when he says that he believes a woman that likes street dudes, like himself, would only marry a clean cut guy for stability.  Because if you recall – Slim Thug used to date Letoya Luckett from Destiny’s Child back in the day. They broke up when he cheated on her and had a baby.  And now, years later, she’s married to a clean cut guy – Tommicus Walker – and she has “leveled up” just like Ciara.

So I think him hating on Ciara was a little misplaced.  And he was probably really reflecting on his own life and relationships.

But what do you think? Do you think a woman that was/is attracted to “bad boys” or street dudes could ever truly fall in love with a clean cut guy?  Or would she always still love bad boys in her heart? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Michelle Williams Denies That Fiance Chad Johnson Is The Cause Of Her Depression

After Michelle Williams announced on her Instagram on July 17th that she had checked herself into a mental health facility for depression, a lot of her fans (and her haters) wanted to know what sparked her depression.  Considering that she’s 1/3 of one of the most successful girl groups on the PLANET, and she’s also recently engaged, I can see why it could be hard for people who don’t suffer from depression to understand why she was depressed.

But I was surprised when I started to see comments blaming her new fiance, Pastor Chad Johnson, for her depression.  It seems a post that her fiance made on Instagram, that was supposed to be positive, is causing people to think the worst – about him!

Michelle’s fiance, Pastor Chad Johnson posted a picture of the two of them on a boat on Instagram with the caption:

I missed the IG birthday shout out to my beautiful and (insert a million more phenomenal adjectives here) fiancé, due to all we have been facing as of late! Today, I’m “In My Feelings” (not over KeKe either! 😂) because doing LIFE with you @michellewilliams has been one of the greatest experiences anyone could ever have, EVER!
This pic was a year ago, when the world found out about “US”… back then, our relationship was flooded with puppy love, a ton of laughter, with fun and new experiences…. but it essentially was untested!!!!
If someone would’ve told me that a year later we would have faced all that we have in such a short period… I wouldn’t have believed them and/or ran like my name was Forrest!
Now this is the part that has people questioning Chad.  The fact that he said he if he had known a year ago all they would have to face in such a short period of time, he would have run like his name was Forrest Gump, is what has people thinking that maybe doesn’t love Michelle as much as he says he does.  Because clearly if you really love someone, then you wouldn’t run away when you see that they are in need.
Anyway, he continues…
Today, as the world has dimly seen, we have been tested beyond what I could’ve imagined, proven beyond what I could have desired, and persevered like ONLY God can carry us through (this pic says it all)! Through it all You have remained with a pliable and moldable heart in the hands of our Maker, and that makes me love you even more!! Happy Birthday (ig late) baby! Here’s to All Of me for All of you! 🥂 I love you! #restart

The #restart also has people wondering if Chad means they are re-starting their relationship as if something was wrong with it in the first place.

But Michelle Williams took to her own Instagram to shut down the haters that are blaming her fiance for her depression.  She posted this message on her Insta-story:
You can not and do not know a person simply by what they post on social media.  That being said…stop trying to put “two and two together!” You will fail every time!  You can’t determine the status of people’s lives, relationships, etc by lurking on their profiles.  It may help but it doesn’t tell the whole story! Love you!
Michelle and Chad are rumored to have a reality show in the works so maybe we’ll get to see the whole story when it comes on TV.  A radio DJ from KIIS FM recently reported that he actually ran into Michelle Williams on an elevator at a hotel in Los Angeles while she was filming her reality TV show.
He said she got off the elevator at Level 5, which is the pool level.  And the reality tv show producers told him he would have to sign a waiver to get off there too because Michelle was filming her reality show.
‘She gets off the lift at level five, which is the pool level. [TV producers] said you have to sign a waiver because Michelle is filming her reality show here today.’
So what do y’all think about people blaming Michelle’s fiance Chad for her depression? Do you think his Instagram caption revealed problems in their relationship?  And what do y’all think about her filming a reality TV show so soon after being released from the mental health facility.
Personally, I think doing reality TV might NOT be the best option right now for Michelle since her relationship is so new AND she’s battling depression – which is a huge fight!
Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


Wendy Williams Dodges Questions About Her Husband’s Infidelity, Opens Up About Son’s Drug Abuse

Wendy Williams sat down for an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine recently and talked about everything from her son, Kevin Hunter Jr.’s drug abuse to her current relationship with her husband, Kevin, whose alleged long-term affair was revealed last year.

As far as her son, she says…

‘My son smoked K2—they take that grass and they spray it with rat poison or whatever. It’s not weed, it’s not coke.  Kids are out there smoking that mess. It’ll turn you into a different person.’

[Editor’s Note: K2 is packaged synthetic marijuana and has been dubbed “poison packets” because of the chemicals sprayed on dried plants and frequent overdoses it causes.]

Wendy says ‘I saw it for myself—this affected [my family] very deeply. I didn’t know whether my kid would ever return to school. The whole time we’re nursing him through [recovery], I’m supposed to make fun on the show like, “Hi! Here’s Wendy! Hahaha!” But I’m dying inside. [Withdrawal] was a slow process and, for us, it didn’t involve psychiatric drugs or a psychiatrist. We cleaned him out—anything for my boy.

And now he’s graduated from high school with honors, he’s going to college in August. He’s a businessman. He does things. He wants to be an example for people as well regarding substance abuse.’

That’s certainly good to hear that her son is clean and sober and considers himself a businessman at barely 18.  Good for him!

Cosmo also asked Wendy about finding a balance between talking about the tabloids and now, being in them.  The interviewer specifically said:

“Your job involves interviewing celebrities and knowing all the details of their personal lives. But now, as a celebrity yourself, you’re in the tabloids, too. How do you strike a balance there?”

Wendy and her husband were in the tabloids last year when Wendy’s husband’s alleged long-term affair with Sharina Hudson was exposed by the Daily Mail .  According to the Daily Mail, Wendy’s husband has been having a 10-year long affair with Sharina Hudson.  Wendy Williams husband is said to be ‘in love’ with both Wendy and Sharina Hudson and moved Sharina into a $765,000 house just nine miles away from his family home with Wendy and their son.  Wendy’s husband has also allegedly purchased Sharina a large diamond engagement style ring that she wears on her left hand.

Wendy skirted around Cosmo’s mention of her and her husband being in the tabloids themselves.  She instead talked about avoiding socializing with celebrities because it “taints” her Hot Topics.  She answered the interviewers question by saying:

You can’t do what I do and be a ‘celebrity person’ and be socializing with celebrities all the time—it taints “Hot Topics.”

So she completely skipped over the interviewers mention of her being in the tabloids herself (for her husband’s cheating).  She did, however, confirm that her husband is still her manager.  And she said she’s sticking by her man.  She said:

My name is Wendy Hunter in real life; Williams is my maiden name. And this is not a temporary thing, this is a forever thing.

So there you have it! Wendy is in it forevaaaa with her husband despite his alleged long-term mistress.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about Wendy’s commitment to her husband despite him not being committed to her?  Do you think she’s committed to him for financial issues or because of their son? Or do you think there’s something else?

R Kelly’s Ex-Wife Drea Kelly Remixes His “I Admit It” Song, Jerhonda Pace Responds

R. Kelly’s ex-wife has responded to the 19 minute song that R. Kelly released yesterday with a remix of her own!  She posted the lyrics to her Instagram with a picture of Celie from The Color Purple when she was putting that curse on Mister.

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THE REMIX: Admit it Admit it Admit it Your mama IS watching over you And rolling over in her grave because of the ABUSIVE things you do You say she’s looking down from heaven So there’s nothing she didn’t see Which means she saw you BEAT me from heaven and neglect her grand babies……Admit it Admit it Admit it Your children you don’t see Because you treat them like your fans And not your flesh and blood, please Being a dead beat dad is a conscious choice You could face time w them EVERYDAY they’d SEE your face and HEAR your voice,so….. Admit it Admit it Admit it Then go get some professional help Own the pain that you’ve inflicted on others’ All by yourself Even though you can’t read or write it didn’t stop you from making hit songs But you don’t have to read or write to know Domestic Violence is wrong, so…. Admit it Admit it Admit it Your past is not is an excuse Just because you were abused doesn’t mean you get to ABUSE….. Admit it Admit it Admit it Cause the TRUTH will set you free Nothing good is gonna come to you UNTIL YOU DO RIGHT BY ME. #domesticviolenceawareness #survivor #free #truth #speak @theshaderoom @tmz_tv @thejasminebrand_ @balleralert @bet @people @billboard @theviewabc @wendyshow @iamsteveharveytv @johnlegend @theellenshow @ncadv

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And another survivor of R. Kelly’s abuse, Jerhonda Pace has also responded to his “I Admit It” song calling him a monster!  She says:

She’s sending me a copy of the book she wrote about her experience with him, so we will be getting back with her soon on this channel.

But leave a comment and let me know what you think of Drea Kelly’s remix to R. Kelly’s “I Admit It” song!



Tiffany Haddish’s Ex-Husband Denies Being Abusive, Claims Tiffany Asked Him To Choke Her!

Earlier this year, Tiffany Haddish was sued by her ex-husband, William Stewart, over her memoir, “The Last Black Unicorn.” In the book Tiffany has a chapter titled, “The Ex-Husband,” in which she painted her ex-husband as an abusive stalker during their five-year marriage.  And even though she never mentioned him by name, he still sued her for defamation of character because it was so easy for people to pinpoint him as her ex-husband.

Now, Tiffany’s ex-husband is fighting back against her claims that he abused her by saying she asked him to be “aggressive” with her during sex, including requesting him to choke her!

According to newly-released court documents obtained by The Blast, William Stewart’s lawyers sent several letters to Tiffany Haddish and her publisher Simon &Shuster in an effort to reach a settlement prior to filing a lawsuit.

William Stewart claims he reached out to Tiffany Haddish personally, before making any public statements in an effort to resolve the “harmful and defamatory assertions.” And he claims Haddish responded cryptically, saying,

Be patient your blessings are coming


Start to think positive so positive things can come your way. Because your blessings are waiting on you.

Now, I don’t what Tiffany meant by those cryptic messages but apparently they didn’t do anything to resolve her ex-husband’s frustration with how she portrayed him in her book.  So now he is putting her all the way on blast.

In the court documents  William Stewart’s lawyers state:

Furthermore, we have information that will demonstrate Ms. Haddish regularly requested Mr. Stewart to become more aggressive with her during sex, including, among other things, to choke her as a part of their sexual intercourse.

Tiffany’s ex-husband also claims that Tiffany gave an interview with comedian Dom Irrera in 2012 where she unequivocally says Stewart never beat her. He claims Tiffany made a joke that

he never beat me up, he just choked me a little bit

and he says that choking was often a punchline in her comedy.

Tiffany’s ex-husband also claims that Tiffany did have a temporary restraining order on him at one point but that she begged the court to drop it and admitted that she had lied on him.

Tiffany Haddish has admitted to parts of the written book being embellished, but says she told what really happened in the audiobook when she read it.

She even went live to discuss how even she was surprised by some of the things in the book:

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#PressPlay: #TiffanyHaddish's memoir #TheLastBlackUnicorn was released last week but there seems to be some discrepancies over what’s true and what was fabricated in the book. Tiffany recently went live and admitted some things may have gotten tweaked during the editing process. This came after multiple sources reported some of the shocking details shared in the book, including an alleged abusive relationship with her ex-husband who she divorced and married twice. __________________________________________ "He grabbed me by the collar, he was like, 'It's time to go to the room now,' in front of everybody," she wrote. "Just snatched me by my shirt, and pulled me to the elevator and threw me in it…once we got to our hotel room, he was so quick. He snatched me by the neck and slammed me into the wall." __________________________________________ She said things got so bad between them that at one point it led to an arrest and miscarriage. Now, Tiffany’s ex-husband is speaking out against the allegations, saying he loves Tiff until his last breath and he never put his hands on her. #Roomies, take a look and tell us your thoughts.

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So what do y’all think about Tiffany Haddish’s ex-husband saying she lied on him being abusive in her book and that she requested that he choke her?

Do y’all think he’s going to get any money out of this since Tiffany already admitted to parts of the book being embellished?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!