Filming For Kims Zolciak’s Show STOPPED, Kim Issues An Apology

Filming for Season 7 of Kim Zolciak’s show, Don’t Be Tardy, has come to a halt!  Filming for the show has been stopped, and for me, this comes as no surprise after Kim’s last appearance on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion finale, where she revealed her true feelings about race and racism.

Kim posted an apology for the comments she made after the RHOA reunion on her Instagram today.  In her apology she blamed the Bravo editors for showing her comments out of context.  And she confirmed that she really believes that social media has made racism worse.

Personally, I somewhat disagree with her opinion that social media has made racism worse.  I think that yes, social media does give racist people access to other racist people that they can congregate with online. BUT more than that, I think social media EXPOSES the racism that people face in their every day lives.

For privileged women like Kim, it might SEEM like racism is getting worse because now she is seeing it more on social media.  But for most people of color, we’ve been seeing racism in our own lives for ALL our lives.

This is Kim’s apology:

View this post on Instagram

During the last RHOA Reunion episode, I made a comment that confused and offended people. I sincerely apologize. Edited out of context, I understand why my remark angered people. Racism is a sad reality in the United States. It has been prevalent throughout our country's history. Let me be very clear, I do NOT support, tolerate or put up with any form of racism, hate or other discrimination. My love for ALL people runs deep – I am open to all and always have been. I was heartbroken when I watched the last few minutes of the episode and saw how my words were taken out of context. My comment that seemingly “racism didn’t exist 10 years ago” was made as part of a larger, emotional 45-minute conversation about how, sadly, social media has become a hub for hate. Immediately following my confusing comment, I also said that "it's not as real as it is now" referring to the power of social media. But those remarks didn’t make the show. I believe that social media has made a centuries-old issue more real. Before social media, the public simply observed the news. Now, the public actively participates and has an opportunity to take action – in real time. But this is a double edged sword. Now, when false accusations are made, they are amplified by online platforms regardless of their merit. This wasn’t the case 10 years ago when I started on RHOA. I truly pray that the people wishing horrible things on others, and on me, channel that energy into something positive. Our world would be a much better place if you do. I am committed to making this world a better place to live. I will continue to learn from, and be open to, ALL people.

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What do you think of Kim’s apology?

US Weekly reports, Kim Zolciak  has “stopped filming” for her show Don’t Be Tardy according to multiple sources.

“Kim and her team have halted all production for Don’t Be Tardy while her lawyers have been working around the clock to investigate and deal with the final episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion,” one source says.

A second source adds, “Kim has pulled the plug on filming. She’s very upset about the entire situation.”

So Kim has stopped filming of her show, Don’t Be Tardy, while she deals with the PR nightmare of being exposed as possibly racist on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.

Kim has already made it clear that she will never appear on RHOA again.  But do you think she’ll return to her own show after this? Or do you think too much damage has been done to her reputation? And what do you think of her apology? Do you think it was truly a sincere apology?

Kim Zolciak EXPOSED On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion

The last 30 seconds of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion told me everything I need to know about Ms. Kim “I’m not racist” Zolciak.  Nene tweeted telling people NOT to miss the last 30 seconds, and I actually thought the last 30 seconds would be an epic argument between Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak.  The rumor was that Kim had walked off the stage of the RHOA reunion and vowed never to come back.

But the last few minutes of the show gave us something better than an argument.  It gave us a peek into what people who claim NOT to be racists, say behind closed doors.  In the last few minutes we saw Kim Zolciak request to speak to Andy Cohen to scold him for not asking her any positive questions on the reunion.   Andy flat out told her that that was because she didn’t film anything positive the whole season.  Her whole storyline was negativity.

Then Kim told Andy

You know why you haven’t found another white woman to sit on that couch, because nobody is dumb enough to do it!

Now, for someone who claims NOT to be racist.  That comment sure sounds racist!

Then she told Andy

put yourself in my shoes, five African-American women just hammering…”

Now I don’t know what the color of the other Housewives skin has to do with this, but Kim sure sounds racist for her NOT to be racist!

Then she says,

this whole racism ish is BS….they tried that BS long ago but nobody really bought into because social media wasn’t all that big and racism wasn’t all that real.

Since when has racism not been real?!?!

Leave a comment and let me know how you felt hearing Kim say all that she said about racism and the “five African-American women that were hammering her.”

BTW, her comment about Bravo not being able to find another white woman to take her spot may have a bit of truth to it.  I have heard that Bravo does want another White woman on the show for Season 11.  I even reached out to the person that I heard they want as a friend to the show, but that person said they are not doing it!


Marlon Wayans ROASTS Kim Zolciak & Kandi And Kim Go At It AGAIN After The RHOA Reunion

I think it’s safe to say that Marlon Wayans is NOT a fan of Kim Zolciak-Biermann.  He posted this pic of her on Instagram early this morning with the caption “no we are not in production for White Chicks 2. [WTF]?!”

I can’t believe Marlon Wayans had the cajones to actually post Kim’s picture on HIS instagram just to make fun of her lips, but then again, I can! lol

Of course, Kim saw the pic (I’m sure her fans were tagging her in the comments) and she commented back “Was always a super big fan of yours and my kids loved you.  This hurts but I guess it’s all for laughs.”

Personally, I don’t know if it’s for laughs or if it’s a serious issue that Kim tries so hard to look like the women that she acts like she hates.

She acts like she hates Nene.  But then she goes and tries to buy Nene’s lips!

And she has been back and forth with Kandi ever since she stole Kandi’s money for producing “Tardy For The Party”.  And they were still going at it last night.

Kandi commented on Instagram:

And Kim Zolciak replied:

I don’t like how Kim is calling Kandi “sweetie” but anyway, Kandi didn’t like how Kim was accusing her of having failed spinoff shows – so she had to pull up some facts for Miss Kim Z.  She posted a picture of an article stating that her spinoff “Kandi’s Wedding” premiered with higher ratings than any other RHOA spinoff.


And she captioned the pic:

Ok, So Wig apparently watches the show but doesn’t keep up with the ratings. I see that she’s posting fake news that I had 3 failed spin offs… Bish where? 🤔 I’ve had the Highest rated spin offs with my specials. I googled it for you just in case you need proof.
#NoCap #AllFacts
Kandi’s Wedding debut 2.4 million viewers
Kandi’s Ski Trip debut 1.457 million viewers
Xscape Still Kickin It debut 1.7 million viewers
All higher than Tardy’s original debut of 1.3 million viewers… (& your recent seasons haven’t debuted that high)
And for your info I only do multi-episode hour long specials because I’m too busy with filming at least 20 (or more) episodes a year of #RHOA & Holding a peach 🍑. What are you doing when you’re done with your much shorter season of 30 minute episodes of Tardy? 🤔 Oh yeah, watching us! Thanks boo! No love lost! Keep being Tardy! 😘

OK!! So Kandi cleared that up!

Do y’all think it was out of line for Marlon Wayans to post Kim’s picture on his Instagram like that?  Or do you Kim deserves to be made fun of for how she treats the ladies on Real Housewives of Atlanta?




Marlo Hampton Admits Kenya Moore Read Her At The RHOA Reunion & Shades Kenya For Reading Actual Books

Is this why Marlo will never get a peach?!  She got on her Instagram after the reunion and shaded Kenya for reading actual books.  She said that made her a “weirdo” and I thought I had a flashback to 8th grade! LOL!

Good luck, Marlo!

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Michael Rapaport Compares Kenya Moore To A Gorilla!

Michael Rapaport waited until after the Watch What Happens Live cameras were off to say what he really wanted to say to Kenya Moore.

Michael Rapaport’s comments about Kenya’s dry skin were a little shady, but not as out right racist as what he posted on his Insta-story before WWHL even started filming.

Blogger Fameolus caught Michael Rapaport posting a picture of a gorilla on his insta-story beside a picture of Kenya Moore.  Obviously, trying to compare Kenya to a gorilla!

This just went from a little hit below the belt, to outright racism if you ask me. reports,

[Michael Rapaport’s] timeline is filled with him feuding with black women and calling them out of their name, because that what he finds hilarious. Michael Rapaport believes years of proximity to black culture gives him the right to say whatever he wants about black people. In his mind, he’s immune to being called out because… some of his best films are black. He’s the kind of person who says the n-word around his friends because they know “what kind of person” he is.  That kind of person is a racist.

Sheree & Nene GO AT IT After Sheree’s Prison Bae Gets FOUR MORE Years in Prison!

In case you missed it, Nene Leakes and Sheree Whitfield (and Kim Zolciak) have been going back and forth on Twitter ever since news broke Monday that Sheree’s prison bae, Tyrone Gilliams, appeal was denied and he will be spending four MORE years in prison.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports:

Tyrone Gilliams was sentenced in 2013 to a ten-year sentence for an elaborate Ponzi scheme that cost investors about $5 million. He was attempting to get his sentence shortened, according to federal documents procured by Radar Online, (and that I was also sent a copy of by my anonymous source) arguing that he wasn’t the “leader” in his scheme, the government “improperly withheld” evidence, and his counsel had been “ineffective.”

But a New York federal court judge recently rejected his arguments, saying he offered no new evidence.  He is set to be released November 14, 2022, more than four years away. He is at a prison in Yazoo City, Miss., which takes more than six hours to get to from Atlanta.

After news broke that Tyrone Gilliams will not be joining Sheree in Chateau Sheree anytime soon, Nene took to Twitter to gloat.

First Sheree tweeted:

Which may have been a reference to the shade that Wendy Williams threw at her and Tyrone on her show.  But then Nene tweeted:

Then today Nene tweeted:  

And Sheree responded:

But Sheree’s response was apparently a little too late because Nene Leakes had already fallen asleep! Nene tweeted:

I wonder if Sheree is going to pull up on Nene at her show, like Shekinah pulled up on Khia.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Sheree TRIES To Shade Kenya Moore’s Husband For His Nose Ring, Essence Magazine Claps Back

On last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta Kenya Moore’s elusive husband, Marc Daly, made his television debut.  For those of us who follow the Real Housewives on social media, the moment was kinda anti-climatic because we have already seen him on social media.  But for the Real Housewives, like Sheree, Porsha and Nene, this was their first time meeting him in person.  And of course, ONE of them had to throw a little shade.

I am so glad to hear Kenya say that this season of Real Housewives has brought them closer together as a couple instead of pushing them apart.  To me, when Kenya first got married it seemed to me like Marc didn’t really have Kenya’s back because he refused to appear on camera.  But now things have completely turned around and he is showing his face on camera and even talking to the other housewives, which he really didn’t have to do. Yes, as Kenya’s husband he had to support her.  But he didn’t have to film a scene with Sheree.  And he didn’t have to answer her shady questions about his nose ring, but he was a trooper and he did it (for Kenya.)

But even after the show, Sheree was still shading his nose ring!

In my opinion, Sheree is the LAST person that should be shading someone’s husband – especially for something as petty as a nose ring! It seemed to me that she couldn’t find anything else to shade about him so she chose the smallest detail she could find and tried to make it a thing.

But Twitter, and even Essence Magazine thought Sheree had a lot of nerve trying to shade someone’s husband, when her man is in jail.  Check out these tweets:

And other people brought up last week’s episode where Sheree was doing Glamour Shots for her man in prison.

Sheree also tried to call Kenya’s husband out for only holding her hand on camera:

But RHOA fans weren’t feeling that either.  One fan said:

Sheree must have still been salty this morning because she was still tweeting about Kenya this morning.  She tweeted:

I don’t know what Sheree means by “living another life” but I’ll be waiting to see…

What do you think about Sheree shading Marc Daly about his nose ring?

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Reunion *SPOILERS*

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Reunion spoilers are spilling all over the place.

First, Love BScott is reporting that…

The seating arrangement is as follows (from left to right): Kenya, Cynthia, Porsha (Andy) NeNe, Kandi, Sheree.When Kim joins the ladies, Porsha moves to the left and Kim sits to the left of Andy. When both Marlo and Eva make their appearances, they each sit to the right of Sheree.

These are the major issues at the reunion.  Firstly, Love B Scott reports…

Kenya revealed that Marlo tried to blackmail NeNe with text messages from NeNe’s past relationship with John Kolaj. If you remember, NeNe dated John briefly while she was on the outs with husband Gregg Leakes.

As the story goes, Marlo got John drunk, he ended up at her house and she gave him a massage. During that encounter, Marlo took screenshots of explicit conversations between John and NeNe. Marlo threatened to share those messages with Gregg.

Other blogs are reporting that is was actually Porsha that revealed this bit of information, which makes sense since Porsha is the one that said she had tea on Marlo that she hadn’t spilled yet.  But either way, it was revealed that Marlo was trying to blackmail Nene.

In my opinion, it seems either Nene forgave Marlo for trying to blackmail her ORRRR the blackmail was to get Nene to pretend to be Marlo’s friend again so that Marlo can solidify her spot as a friend to the show, which yes, she does get paid for  and is really one of her only VERIFIABLE sources of income.

And if that is true, then the blackmail is working and Nene is basically pretending to be friends with Marlo again so that Marlo can solidify her spot as a friend to the show.  Which may be why Marlo is getting confessional interviews this year, when she wasn’t getting them in years past.


Nene and Kenya allegedly dragged Kim for hours about “Roachgate” and White privilege.  All of the ladies seem to feel ‘some type of way’ that Kim brings her husband and kids to film with her.  Then uses them as and excuse to stop taping and escape from whatever disastrous situation she’s created.  Like when they were all at Nene’s white party and Kim accused Kenya of having a fake husband.  Then Kroy came and rescued her from the scene.

According to B. Scott

During that argument, Kenya and NeNe went IN on Kim. Kim refused to acknowledge Kenya while she was sitting on the end — so Kenya got up and moved to the right of NeNe to make sure she got Kim’s attention.

Brielle was backstage at the reunion and tweeted about how “awful” she felt her Mom was being treated.

Nene also tweeted about the reunion. She said…


It is also being reported that Kenya revealed that she is pregnant at the RHOA Season 10 Reunion.  This is one cup of tea that I’m actually going to have to send back.  At one point in time, I did think Kenya was pregnant – around the time that she appeared on the Wendy Williams Show.  At that time, photos had surfaced of her at an IVF facility in the Bahamas.  And although she didn’t admit to Wendy that she was pregnant, she certainly didn’t deny it.

[Kenya IG story]

Well, sources are saying that she announced her pregnancy at the RHOA reunion.  And that this picture she posted on Instagram with the caption, “Never give up” was the confirmation.  But Kenya actually went back and edited the caption to clarify that it was not an announcement, just encouragement.

I do believe Kenya is trying to get pregnant. I just don’t believe she announced a pregnancy at the RHOA Reunion.

Lastly, Kandi took the RHOA Reunion as an opportunity to check Sheree for carrying other people’s bones, but not carrying the bone to her that Kim had said that Kandi “tried to eat her box.”  It does seem strange that Sheree can carry so many other bones back and forth between the girls.  But she never brought that bone to Kandi.  Or brought Nene the bone about Kim’s alleged “roach video.”


Is Marlo Hampton Being Prepped To Replace Kenya On The Real Housewives of Atlanta

On last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta my girl, Marlo Hampton, had a lot of people SHOOK when she showed up and showed out in a CONFESSIONAL!!!  I could have died, I was so shocked!!!

Marlo Hampton appeared in her first Real Housewives confessional in years! And of course, she slayed it.  Take a look.

real housewives of atlanta confessional
Marlo Hampton Real Housewives of Atlanta confessional



real housewives of atlanta confessional
Marlo Hampton Real Housewives of Atlanta confessional

I loved her look from her hair, to her nails, to the big ole bow on her shoulder!  Twitter was here for it too.  Check out these tweets:

So seeing Marlo with a confessional look had a lot of people wondering if Bravo is just one step away from giving Marlo a peach.  And it stands to reason, that if Marlo is going to get a peach handed to her, then someone is going to get a peach snatched from them.

And with all the drama that has been going on with Kenya and her not being willing to show her husband on the show, fans are wondering if Bravo Andy is going to replace Kenya – with Marlo!

A fan tweeted about Kenya, not to Kenya, and said…


Well, Kenya must have been looking for tweets about her because she responded to the fan and said…

So my question to you all is, have you been missing Kenya?

Personally, I really enjoyed last night’s episode and I didn’t even think about Kenya.  Of course, I thought about Porsha because her name was mentioned and she started the trip with the girls.  But I don’t even remember Kenya’s name being mentioned on the episode last night.

I think Eva has already secured her peach for next season.

But who would you rather see holding a peach for Season 11, Marlo or Kenya, click the link to vote in the poll and leave a comment to let me know why.


Eva Marcille Responds To Shamea’s “Rumor” About Her & Missy Elliott | Real Housewives of Atlanta S10

Friend to the show, Shamea Morton, seems to be out for blood on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  First she accused Cynthia’s new boo, Will Jones, of being bi-sexual on the Bravo TV Aftershow.


And now she’s accused Eva Marcille of being bi-sexual on last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta.  And she even had the nerve to bring Missy Elliott into it!

It’s strange to hear Shamea makes claims about people’s sexuality and attempt to “out” them, when just last year she was the one being “outed” by Phaedra for sleeping with Todd AND Kandi.

She posted this message on social media about Porsha co-signing the rumor.  And was all on Instagram singing gospel songs asking Jesus to “cover her”.  I remember because I did a video on it last year.


Now here we are this year and my, how the tables have turned.

Shamea is the one questioning people’s sexuality and spreading rumors that she heard “from a friend”.


Eva Marcille responded to Shamea’s accusations on Twitter.  And for the record, it seems popular blog has spread rumors about Eva and Missy Elliott, so it’s not even clear where Shamea is getting this stuff.

Eva tweeted,

RHOA Shamea Eva Missy Elliott


RHOA Shamea Eva Missy Elliott

I agree that the attempts to “out” people, who are probably not even in the closet, are sad, tired, and desperate.  Especially when you know what it feels like to have someone do it to you.

RHOA Shamea Eva Missy Elliott

I, personally, don’t think Shamea is even trying to get a peach.  I made a video last year of her confessing that her husband doesn’t want her to be a Real Housewife because reality tv breaks up friendships and of course, marriages.


So being that her husband doesn’t even want her to have a peach, it’s almost like she’s doing the absolute most – for nothing!

You can also watch Eva react to Shamea’s accusations here: