Cardi B Goes AWF On The Shade Room AGAIN For Posting Her

In case you missed, Cardi B has been back and forth with The Shade Room for months now telling them to stop posting her.  Cardi claims that TSR only posts negative stuff about her.  And that they delete the good comments that people make about her in their comment section.

The last time she went off on them was the end of October…Now she’s going off on them again for continuing to post her after allegedly agreeing to stop posting her. This time they posted her performance of Motorsport where she changed the lyrics to say that she told Offset that they should get a divorce….Here is a clearer audio of it in case you couldn’t really hear it….

So now Cardi B is going off on The Shade Room again telling them to stop posting her….Cardi also posted screenshots of TSR liking posts saying that Cardi switched up on TSR and that TSR made her.

Cardi has said before that she believed former TSR editor Kyle is behind a fake Beyonce fan page that is allegedly really a trash Cardi B page.  And Kyle has addressed that as well… At this point Kyle no longer works for TSR and he has addressed that on his Instagram.  He has started a new IG blog called The Neighborhood talk.  And in response to people visiting his page today after Cardi mentioned him, he is directing them to his blog, where he also posted the video of Cardi changing up the lyrics to Motorsport! lol

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