Cardi B Gives Fans A Peek At Her Baby Bump!?

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I definitely believe that Cardi B is pregnant.  I’ve been watching her gain weight just like the rest of the world, and just like the rest of the world I wondered if she was carrying a child.  But I feel like Cardi B just stopped me from wondering, and confirmed my suspicions by posting this simple, little video to Instagram.

In this quick clip you can see that her belly is starting to get big at the top now, not just the bottom.  And her breasts are starting to lay on top of her belly and fall to the side too, which is a tell-tell sign of pregnancy. I’m sure you guys can see how her breasts are each laying on her belly and off to the side.

And that is definitely a mommy/maternity bra.

Just two days ago Cardi B posted a picture of a feature that the New York Times did on her.  And in the picture that she posted, you can’t really see her baby bump.  BUT in the video that the New York Times posted you can definitely see her baby bump under the fringes of her dress.

Then there was that performance in Florida where Cardi B reportedly complained of being “tired and out of breath.”

cardi b performance pink suit

TheYBF.com reported

She rocked an unusually loose fitting, hot pink suit – in the heat – and also performed a shortened set. Cardi reportedly complained of being “tired and out of breath,” fueling pregnancy rumors even further.

Just days prior to that performance Cardi posted a picture from her feature in Vogue magazine.  And AGAIN in the picture Cardi posted on her Instagram feed, you can’t see her baby bump.  But in the video that Vogue posted, you can clearly see her baby bump.  My girl Daytime Tea Time did a video on Cardi’s baby bump in her Vogue shoot, so make sure you go check her out.

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And, of course, there was her infamous appearance at New York Fashion Week.  She wore a Spring Marc Jacobs dress to his Fall show and captured the Instagram picture saying

Wearing sh*t i always wanted to wear

And that included wearing a big old bow over her baby bump.

And check out the way she posed with people that night.  In a lot of the pictures with other people she seemed to be using them to cover her baby bump by posing with her back to the camera.

In any case, all of these outfits considered individually might not make someone believe she’s pregnant.  For example, a matronly bra might not always indicate a pregnancy, and neither would a dress with fringes over the midsection.  And a loose fitting suit might not signal a pregnancy, or another dress with fringe over the midsection.  But if you consider all these outfits together, back to back to back, then you might realize that Cardi B is hiding a pregnancy in plain sight.

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