Azealia Banks LIED On Teyana Taylor Stealing Choreography For The Fade Video!

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As I was scrolling through Instagram last night, I saw a post by the Shade Room saying that Azealia Banks claimed that Teyana Taylore STOLE the choreography for the infamous “Fade” video she starred in for Kanye West.

Azealia Banks replied to a fan that commented that her choreography for the Anna Wintour video reminded him of the Teyana Taylor choreography from the Kanye West “Fade” video.  Azealia replied:

LOL, You mean the choreography she stole from @bornready_matt and tried not to give him credit for until he got a lawyer involved….

But it turns out there is PROOF of Teyana Taylor giving Matt credit the day after the video premiered! Just watch.

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