Adrienne Bailon & Her Stepdaughter Are REBRANDING What It Means To Be “STEP”

Adrienne Bailon Haughton and her daughter by marriage, Mariah, revealed on an episode of “All Things Adrienne” that they are re-branding the term step (as in stepmother or stepdaughter) because it has a bad connotation.

Mariah is the daughter of gospel music singer and guitarist Israel Houghton and his first wife, Meleasa Houghton. Technically, that makes Adrienne Bailon Houghton, Israel’s current wife, her stepmother – although she doesn’t like to call her that!

The two shared that they don’t like the “evil” association with the word “step”, like the “evil stepmother” so they are rebranding!

Mariah and Adrienne previously referred to each other as lit-mother and lit-daughter but since the term lit is getting played out they’re looking for something new.

What do you think they should call each other? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Someone in the video comments suggested “heart mother” and “heart daughter” and I thought that was perfect.

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