Accused Scammer Dana Chanel Admits Her Dad Taught Her How To ‘Get Money From The Streets’

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Internet entrepreneur Dana Chanel (not her real name) and her husband Prince Donnell are being accused of running a scam that has allegedly stolen money from thousands of victims.

There is an Instagram page, https://www.instagram.com/danachanelscamming/, dedicated to exposing the scams of Dana, her husband and her father – who is alleged to be the mastermind behind their alleged schemes.

According to reports, the Philadelphia District Attorney is seeking out individuals who have been scammed by Dana in order to investigate their business dealings.

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• @danachanelthescammer ATTENTION COMMUNITY: The DAs office has responded! Contact Mr. Kellner in the Philadelphia District Attorney's office immediately. Follow these steps to maximize your response: 1. Email – Send him everything you have before you call so he can reference your info. If you got an email from us saying that your information was included in the packet you don't need to resend unless he asks you to. But you still want to email him first so that he can have your contact information. 2. Call him – LEAVE A MESSAGE IF YOU DON'T GET HIM. When you call make sure you ask if he received the email that you sent before. Calling him before you send him documentation and evidence will only delay the process because that's exactly what he's going to ask you for. 3. Follow Up – Make sure you ask if there is anything else he needs from you. This is officially DA OUTREACH WEEK community! Be vigilant! EVERY victim should be getting in touch with Mr. Kellner so he can further the case. What does the DA do? The district attorney is responsible for the prosecution of criminal violations of state law and County ordinances. This includes investigation and apprehension as well as prosecution in court #danachanel #curlbible #alakazamapps #earncompany #creditexterminators #unclemagic #jumpingjacktax #nakiarattray #aprilolivera #caseyolivera #PRINCEDONNELL #Explore #Explorepage #scammeralert #theshaderoom #hollywoodunlocked #cardib

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Their business entities are Sprinkle of Jesus, Alakazam Apps, CurlBible and Jumping Jack Taxes. And in the below video interview with Sister Circle, Dana explains how her father taught her how to target Black people and get money ‘from the streets.’

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At the 1:00 minute mark Dana explains how her father took her for a ride through the ‘hood and pointed out the businesses that last year after year. Those businesses are beauty salons, tax preparers, credit repair, and although she didn’t mention it – Black churches!

And at the 6:10 minute mark she says her Dad taught her how to get money ‘even if it’s from the streets!’

And she used that blueprint to design her business offerings which include beauty (CurlBible), tax preparations (Jumping Jack Tax), credit repair (Credit Exterminators), and the Bible (Sprinkle of Jesus). And she also added another business offering, mobile app development (Alakazam Apps.)

The target market for these business are Black consumers and Black entrepreneurs seeking to build wealth for themselves and their families. And many of the victims say they trusted Dana and Prince Donnell because they profess to be Christians.

However, the couple is accused of taking customers money and not fulfilling their promises.

Check out some of the alleged victims statements, and keep in mind these are only allegations at this point as they have not been proven in a court of law.

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🚨ALAKAZAM DOESN’T EXIST 🚨Blow it out the Water! Listen to this Audio as another Victim of Alakazam Apps @8nightz who investigates Buildfire & uncovered their scams and got his charges Reversed ! Refund Time! So Dana Chanel has being lying claiming 2 have created a Mobile App-building Software Company called Alakazam Apps as if she’s coding & customizing mobile apps herself. When in Actuality Alakazam Apps doesn’t even exist as a Company & has no LLC. Which is why your bank charges show Sprinkle of Jesus. She’s funneling money from 1 company 2 the next under false pretenses which is Illegal & called Embezzlement.😳She’s found a lucrative loophole as a 3rd party company(Middle Man)to scam thousands of dollars per customer, per app. This is Literally free money 4 her to fund her lifestyle. 1. Dana is paying Buildfire a flat rate of $1500 a month to rent server space to create unlimited apps 😳then UPcharging $5K & Up plus an additional $250 -$400 monthly hosting/payment plan fee & thats just for the most basic package, which is only on a phone & no tablet/iPad access to the app.😳 When Buildfires most basic package is $3K with 3months free rent & after that it’s only $169 a month & your app is yours. 2. The reason she can hold your app hostage & you not get it from Buildfire directly even after you’ve paid all this money is because technically it’s registered on her server space so only she can release it. Which is why she is being spiteful trying to charge an extra $1K for you 2 take your app & leave. 3. She convinces you that you’re getting a deal by putting let’s say $500 down to get started but actually on the back end your paying her thousands extra Call your banks & update them that You did not sign up for an account with Sprinkle of Jesus, your agreement is with ALAkazam Apps (which doesn’t exist) & your money is being funneled thru to another company to pay 4 something else. It’s a Scam Company. They have really scammed the wrong ones, cuz we’re not going!

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One thought on “Accused Scammer Dana Chanel Admits Her Dad Taught Her How To ‘Get Money From The Streets’

  • August 13, 2020 at 1:17 am

    No sah! Dis need crowd.
    I started disliking the guy after a while and didn’t even know he got married much less to a scammer.
    She needs to do better; she’s giving Christians a bad name.


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