ABC News Says Meghan Markle Gives Black Women Hope, Amanda Seales Claps Back

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Amanda Seales was compelled to ‘clap back’ when an ABC News article insinuated that Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry gave Black women ‘hope” that they too will one day find their prince.

Here’s what she had to say: I just sprained my eyeballs from rollin em so hard. Hope for what?!?!? That WE ALL can have a shot at being a princess…in a family that is overtly racist and is a long line of colonizers!? Happy she found love but G-ALL THE WAY-TFOHWTBS that her story somehow inspires us professional black women to believing we too can find our Prince. Black women, you are beautiful, bold, and desired the world over…always have been. Know your worth. Descend not even an inch beneath it, continue to exemplify excellence on the daily, and your worthy companion will ascend to meet you. As for homeboy, The only Prince I recognize wears purple chaps and knows how to “drive” a little red Corvette. BLACK WOMEN ARE THE DAMN HOPE! TUH. (Also, she refers to herself as “biracial” sooooo, yea.)

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