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Quad Webb’s Great Niece Has Lost Her Life In Backyard Swimming Pool | Quad Issues Statement

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A truly tragic accident has occurred at the home of Atlanta reality television personality, Quadriyyah “Quad” Webb, according to information from local law enforcement obtained by Channel 2 Action News.

On July 7, Cobb County police arrived at a Sherwood Lane address in Marietta, following reports of a drowning. This residence is associated with Quad Webb, a cast member of “Married to Medicine: Atlanta.”

Authorities reported that a 3-year-old girl had tragically drowned in the property’s backyard pool. Upon arrival at the scene, law enforcement discovered emergency medical personnel providing urgent care to the child. She was transported to Scottish Rite Hospital, where, despite their best efforts, she passed away.

Law enforcement communicated with two male individuals who were guests at the residence. According to their accounts, they had spent approximately two hours in the pool, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., before retreating indoors for pizza. On returning outside, they spotted what they initially believed to be a doll in the water.

Upon closer inspection, they horrifyingly discovered it was the little girl. They immediately extracted her from the water and contacted emergency services. Unfortunately, the child was later declared deceased at the hospital.

The police identified the young girl as Aryanna Rice, the daughter of Tamica Webb from Memphis, Tennessee. The Marietta address was listed as Rice’s residence on the police report, despite an indication that the child was simply visiting for a month-long vacation. Webb shared images of a girl named “Ari” on her social media, writing:

“You absolutely stole my heart from the moment I saw you. Ari, you’re so special to me, and I’m grateful to be a part of your life! I got you forever!!!”

During their investigation, law enforcement spoke to the child’s grandmother, Mary Loise Cox. She last saw the child in the company of her daughter, Quadryyah, but she could not recall the exact time.

Law enforcement has classified the incident as a heartbreaking accident.

This is such a tragedy. If any more information regarding the details of what happened is revealed, I will certainly provide an update.