Whatever Happened To Kim Zolciak’s ‘Big Poppa’ & His REAL Wife Kim

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Grab your wigs, grab your wine and brace yourselves for a blast from the past as former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kim Zolciak prepares to make an appearance on Season 15 of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta just weeks after announcing the end of her 11-year marriage to Kroy Biermann. 

Before being ’Tardy For The Party’, there was a mysterious male figure lurking in Kim Zolciak’s strangely intriguing world. A benefactor, that financed her life and her dreams of becoming a country music one hit wonder. 

We’re talking about Zolciak’s very own secret sugar daddy, codenamed “Big Poppa.” This guy was so hush-hush that Zolciak did her best to keep his identity under lock and key, shielding him from the prying eyes of her fellow cast mates. But that didn’t stop fans from discovering the true identity of the man that Kim tried to keep on the down-low.

And so now that Kim’s relationship with Kroy Biermann is coming to a dramatic end, fans are wondering if Kim will re-surface with ‘Big Poppa’ and if he will rescue her from her financial woes.

Who is Big Poppa?

Big Poppa, real name Lee Najjar, is the real estate maestro who played a pivotal role in Kim Zolciak’s life before the Kroy era. This man was the mastermind behind Zolciak’s luxurious lifestyle. He splurged on a Range Rover for Kim and rumor has it that Najjar even footed the bill for Kim’s swanky townhouse and showered her with a treasure trove of expensive gifts throughout the first two seasons of the show.

Who was Big Poppa married to?

Big Poppa, the man behind Kim Zolciak’s lavish lifestyle, happened to be married to another woman named Kim during the same time he was funding Kim Zolciak’s opulent escapades. So he never had to worry about calling either of them by the wrong name!

The details surrounding Lee’s wife Kimberly Najjar are shrouded in mystery. Not much is known about her except that she apparently doesn’t require fidelity from her multi-millionaire husband.

A little sleuthing on Lee’s Instagram gives us a glimpse into their relationship. It appears that the couple is still together, defying the odds after having weathered the storm that is Kim Zolciak.

Does Big Poppa have children?

Lee and his wife Kim have brought two beautiful souls into this world: Katelin Najjar and Jeremy Najjar.

Katelin has blossomed into a formidable force in the blogosphere. With a solid social media following, she’s making waves with her unique perspective and captivating content. 

As for Jeremy, well, he’s a bit more mysterious. While information about him may be scarce, we’re sure that he’s out there, living his best life and carving his own path.

Is it true Big Poppa was featured on MTV’s Teen Cribs?

Yep. During his appearance on MTV’s Teen Cribs, the Najjar family lived lavishly in a jaw-dropping $25 million mansion nestled in the prestigious neighborhood of Buckhead, Georgia.

Picture this: a king-size bed with not one, but two televisions installed under its majestic canopy. Inside his mansion, fans saw an in-house salon, a home theater for those cinematic delights, and a home music studio (not to be confused with the Atlanta music studio where Kim recorded ‘Tardy For The Party’.) 

How did Big Poppa end up with a mug shot?

According to TMZ, a bench warrant was issued for the arrest of Lee Najjar, a.k.a. Big Poppa in 2012. It seems the real estate mogul faced some serious allegations regarding the maintenance of one of his prized properties. Not taking care of your real estate empire can lead to some costly consequences.

Lee was hit with a hefty $75,000 fine for neglecting his property duties. That’s a hefty price to pay for slacking on maintenance. 

Then Lee Najjar failed to show up for his scheduled court appearance. As a result, the once-mysterious figure was swiftly taken into custody. Yes, you heard it right. Big Poppa found himself behind bars, all because he couldn’t be bothered to attend his court date.

What is Big Poppa’s net worth?

The real estate developer has amassed a staggering net worth of $50 million, according to the Celebrity Net Worth.

With a fortune of $50 million to his name, it’s not surprising that Big Poppa didn’t limit his financial generosity to just one woman. However, the burning question remains: will he come to the rescue of his other Kim, who finds herself entangled in financial woes?

What do you think? Will Kim’s wealthy benefactor will extend a helping hand in her time of need? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!