Janelle Monae Reveals She’s “Happier When Her ‘Ti**ies’ Are Out”

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Janelle ‘Jane’ Monae, the non-binary, pansexual superstar, is making waves by showing off some serious skin. They graced the cover of Rolling Stones’ Pride issue and they’re not holding back.

In their latest photo shoots, Janelle is leaving very little to the imagination. They’re flaunting their body like a boss, giving us a sneak peek before their upcoming album drops. And you know what? They couldn’t be happier about it!

“I’m at my peak happiness when my titties are out, and I can just run around like a free-ass motherf–ker,” Janelle confessed to Rolling Stone.

But that’s not all, chile. Janelle is making rocking their birthday suit their thing lately. At the Met Gala, they went all out, stripping down to a bikini and rocking a hoop skirt around their head that could magically transform into a dress. They even treated their fans to a close-up look at their pearl-embellished bikini on Instagram.

And let’s not forget the iconic pool moment. Janelle shared a video of themselves emerging from the water, sporting a wet, white T-shirt that proudly proclaimed “PLEASURE” across the chest.

Now, get ready for their new album, “The Age of Pleasure,” hitting the shelves on June 9. It’s described as their most sensual and indulgent work yet, and it’s transforming Janelle’s whole life. The album cover art alone is a sight to see, with Janelle swimming underwater, topless but with their nipples pixelated. Gotta keep it PG-13, I guess.

Janelle spills the tea on their album’s impact, saying, “The Age of Pleasure” is more than just music—it’s a whole new lifestyle, baby. People can’t wrap their heads around what goes on in my brain, but finding my community has been a game-changer. This album really brings me back to my center. It’s all about embracing pleasure and living life to the fullest.”

Their previous albums were all about resistance and tackling serious issues like bigotry, but this time, Janelle is celebrating the victories and the oasis we’ve created together. In their own words, “This album is not about a fight,” she shared. “It’s about living in an oasis created by us for us. Even with everything going on in the world, this is our moment to breathe together, unapologetically taking this beat to enjoy — to hurry up and live.”

So, buckle up and get ready for Janelle Monáe’s wild and wonderful journey into pleasure, music, and living in the moment. It’s about to be a whole vibe.