SHOCKING Talk Show Ratings For Tamron Hall, Sherrie Shepherd & Jennifer Hudson Shows

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Television shows work in a very similar way to YouTube and other social media platforms, in that on the surface – for the viewer it’s all about the content. But behind the scenes, as far as monetization, it’s all about advertising.

And when it comes to advertising, one of the key demographics – or segments of the population, that advertisers prefer are adults ages 18 – 49.

This is the age range that advertisers believe are more susceptible to advertising and commercials because they have the least brand loyalty. They will try one brand one week, and another brand next week if they weren’t completely satisfied or just want to try something different.

And among adults ages 18 – 49, Tamron Hall, Sherri Shepherd and Jennifer Hudson talk shows are all tied at a 0.7 rating. That means roughly 0.7% of adults between the ages 18 – 49 are tuning in to these shows.

And among daytime’s key demographic of women ages 25-54, Jennifer Hudson, Sherri Shepherd, Tamron Hall, Kelly Clarkson, Drew Barrymore and Rachael Ray all came in at a 0.3.

So even though both Sherri Shepherd and Jennifer Hudson are new talk shows, they are holding their own with the older, more established talk shows.

Karamo, debuted September 19 and tallied a 0.3 rating in households. And Judge Lauren Lakes new show, “We The People” also came in at a 0.3.

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