Jeannie Mai Jenkins Shows Off Baby Monaco For The FIRST Time

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Today is the day!

Jeannie Mai Jenkins has introduced her and Jeezy’s baby girl, Monaco, to the world!

Jeannie took to her YouTube channel, Hello Hunnay, to introduce their bundle of love to the world for the very first time. To date, Jeannie and Jeezy had only spoken about their new baby but never actually showed her face.

And while it was suspected that they may have been waiting for a People Magazine exclusive, Jeannie actually decided to introduce Baby Monaco on YouTube!

Check it out:

Jeannie shared a montage of moments with their little ones, like what looked to be a baby dedication (complete with matching Mommy and Daddy Versace robes), bath time moments, her first lunar New Year, and other precious moments.

She is such a cutie!